Thursday, 22 June 2017

Signs That Your Cat Has Overtaken Your Life

Signs that your cat has overtaken your life :

You are the last one to bed because you are letting the cat out the front door even though it has a perfectly functional cat flap , then you are still standing at the door because 30 seconds later the cat now wants to come in.Well they never sung the song  "Who let the cats out ?" because that very same person as I mentioned let the cat in again 30 seconds later.Cats have reputations low matienance pets but anyone who has actually has a cat simply knows that this isn't true they infiltrate your daily life by stealth or just plainly in your face /personal space type (cat)attitude they are are aloof powerhouse of fur and claws like a four legged mafia.


Your cat may develop a drama queen attitude and suddenly just flop down like Woody out of Toy Story demanding you tickle their tummy but then running away and repeating the sudden flopping down. They say when a cat does this it is at its much relaxed but seriously I think it is some sort of exercise routine for us human beings !

A cat will meow at you but it is with varying degrees of of loudness a cat says meow

you say

"I know "

other times they will just sit at their foot bowl and you're like

"What do you want  ?, tell me ..."

And you just get stony silence and the death stare of aloofness.

Your cat will eat before you , it is the unwritten law of a cat owning you , you did now that a cat owns you right ?! Seriously don't even sit down to eat before feeding them because they will literally be in your face judging your every guilty bite that you take. Your cat is a gourmet and will not like the expensive cat food that you brought 10 boxes off because they really liked it last week . This is a new week a new trend in cat food is out there and you didn't know , well shame on you !

Nothing belongs to you nope even your house your cat owns that why as mentioned in the first paragraph do you think you open the front door for them !

Your cat takes up more room that you could actually think was possible , your cat will be spreading themselves out like 18th century corpulent French landowner ( pre French Revolution) . You can and will find yourself marginalised to a small corner one of a cats hashtag I think is #thuglife .

Obviously there is no hope for me as obviously my blog is centred on my cat ( the blog started around my late cat Rollie ) and now I have Jack left but he is still overtaking family life, indeed they are taking over the internet still.

Least a Goldfish won't take over your life ....

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Life After A Breakdown

Life After A Breakdown

“3 years since my breakdown .

I’ve got this .

I’m surviving .

I survived .”

These are the words I posted one morning recently as it 3 years since I had my breakdown , and I never really thought about much I just posted it .

Posting my thoughts and feelings , worry and what nots helps keep me in check. 3 years ago I feel apart from one thing and another and the final nail in my emotional coffin was the breakdown around a blogging conference .

The blogging conference isn’t to blame there were many work, home and external factors at play. Not everyone understood or had empathy which is a shame as it seemed one rule for one and one rule for another , I had those saying I was playing the victim but I wasn’t .

No matter I had to battle through , I didn’t get on my CBT counsellor and that’s not to say it doesn’t work as I’ve seen it work well for others . I don’t take tablets and again that’s my choice and I know many who do and are fine with it .

What I’ve found useful is documenting how I feel as I mentioned in the first paragraph, and I’ve had so much love and support its unbelievable I hadn’t though how much I was appreciated or how my words resonated with others who were suffering or people they knew.

That’s not to say I won’t have my down time as an habitual over thinker I’m really my own worse enemy at times . I do feel like I’m staring into a hole about to fall in but at other times I choose to step over that hole so that in my mind is a win.

I see my words as a cathartic journey with its ups and downs there are more ups than down and it is also a case of recognising what triggers me and either avoiding it or seeking help from those around me.

I always say to know me is to like me and if I have to constantly explain myself then you really don’t get me as I get very flustered in public situations.

I say if you feel you’re suffering from depression talk to people on-line and in real life you’ll find organisations like MIND and The Blurt Foundation. See your doctor or who ever you need to feel like yourself again .

Not saying it’s easy but

“The moment I stopped living up to everyone else’s expectations. 

I lived up to my own .”

Treat yourself like a camera and just adjust the focus , let the negative develop into a beautiful picture .

I’m not saying I’ve all the answers but this is me 3 years on .

claire - ninja cat blogger

I survived .

I previously wrote this a guest post and the words still ring true , I've developed a little of a teflon attitude but at times I do get chinks in my armour but my friends are like little lifts in my soul 

Monday, 19 June 2017

Why I choose Rome For The Family Holiday

Rome the eternal city.

It's somewhere we've always wanted to visit as a family and in particular I love the film Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. To me watching that film from when I was young I was not only captivated by the style and elegance of the actors but taken back also by the majesty of the city. They say Rome wasn't built in a day and I know we will only scratch the surface of this city but we will return . You have I believe to return to the city if you throw a coin in the ... fountain.

We've opted to stop in the Vatican and we will have views of the Basilica from our hotel , Rome is so a magical and romantic place we just can't wait to visit as a family , we've been conditioning ourselves in this heat !! The Vatican City gets over 17,000 visitors a day so I'm glad we've booked ahead to visit the Vatican and Sistine Chapel including lunch ( not alas with the Pope )


Booking ahead for the Vatican means we get to skip the long lines that are always around the Vatican and literally we will be able to roll out our hotel to the Vatican.


With so much opulence and grandeur in the Vatican I know I'm going to fall in love with the city and it will be such a wrench to leave.The Vatican actually only cover half a square kilometre but it looks every inch the religious superpower with its monumental buildings  and lavishly decorated halls housing many an art work.

We know as a family we are going to have to dress appropriately in order to enter the Vatican as it is a holy area and to enter the museums and the Basilica you must dress appropriately ~ covering shoulders, thighs ,necklines and midriffs. This means no shorts and no tank tops. long shorts and t ~ shirts are alright for men. Women will need to wear longer skirts /dresses ( or trousers ) and bring a shawl to cover their shoulders. All rucksacks and umbrellas will need to be checked as you enter the museums so on these days I won't pack the kitchen sink.

It's going to be a really special holiday as it's the last family holiday before the Teen goes to York university to study archaeology , he's lucky as he's rolling in  from his first parent free holiday to our family holiday ~ eek.

We are also planning on going to Pisa when we are in Rome , we will will be going by train as from what I've seen it is really cheap to do so. It will be refreshing to step outside of Rome for the day only to be lovingingly welcomed back into Romes embrace.


The Vatican I'm sure will culminate in a sensory overload and we will have to recover with refreshments but oh my what a fabulous assault on the senses and memories it will be. I'm all about making memories and living in the moment this is why I do love forward planning so it makes the holiday more straight forward , of course I'm always up for the unexpected too.

Tin Box traveller
Brilliant blog posts on
Plutonium Sox

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Additional Pet Security With Pet Tags

Pet security is foremost on my mind always , I remember a few years back when we went to Orlando Florida my neighbour rang and said they couldn't find Rollie our silver grey tabby cat at the time , obviously being several thousand miles away there wasn't a lot we could do !! Rollie was micro chipped but he's had the additional security of a pet tag on this collar.


Of course pet tags are not only for cats , they're for dogs as well and you can find a brilliant selection of pet tags online and the prices are really resonable as well.

A well engraved pet tag is essential with a pet so your details are clearly readable in the event that your pet goes missing from home. A cat or dog is not able to communicate for themselves and spending a little money on a tag is an ideal way to help them should the worse happen.

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 necessitates that any dog in a public place should wear a collar and pet id tag with details of the owner including  name and address of the owner engraved or written on it, or engraved on a pet tag. 

There are some really cool designs for both type of pet available.


This is a collaboration post .

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The 90's nostalgia

The 90's are back in full swing in this household , thankfully Mr T is not I repeat not wearing his shell suit ( we really can be thankful of small mercies. )Myself and Mr T hail from that decade hell I was still at school in that decade and left school in 1991 , I was married in that decade had my son in that decade ( ps I was married to Mr T ) .There was many a faux pax of fashion in this decade and the hair oh my the hair , I think at one point I looked like the lovechild of Jon Bon Jovi.


The teen is spending many a long day studying raiding the fridge and shuffling back to his bedroom all in preparation for university life. We aren't even really experiencing ' Kevin the teenager ' either , we never really have ( not much ;-) . He's even used his mobile to check where his house keys were then subsequently found them whilst we were talking.

The teen is working his way through the entire seasons of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air  " which he thinks is absolutely hilarious , this is the series that was started when I was at school. My this is a complete retro shuffle ! , to think I was at school in this decade , got married in this decade and had my son is this decade is mind boggling.

The 90's were cool ,are cool and will forever BE cool I hope to high heaven if I am ever shuffled off to a nursing home they will be singing 80 and 90's songs. We are assembling a long long list of programmes that the teen needs to watch .

What's my top 90 's films to watch before anyone goes to University?

1. Lost Boys ( yes it's the 89's but still !) 

Teenage angst and vampires what more could you possibly want ?

2. Silence of the Lambs 

Beware of people beating a nice bottle of Chianti

3. The Shawshank Redemption

4. JFK

What 's not to love about the intrigue surrounding who was responsible for the death of JFK.

5. Aladdin

Everyone would very much love to have their own Genie to grant them wishes !

6 Matrix

7 Groundhog Day

8 Flatliners

Edge of your seat thriller drama !

9 Seven

The 7 deadly sins are actually that !!

10 Toy Story

Purely magical ..

In another blog post I'll talk more about some other films I loved in the 80's  and 90's but I can't leave here without mentioning the Crystal Maze especially as yesterday I found the retro vintage board game in a charity shop. I would have loved to be a contestant running run solving the puzzles although I suspect I would have been the one that was left locked up.


The Pramshed

Monday, 12 June 2017

Puddle Watching Is a Rare And Noble Art

Sometimes life is just about looking and if you think that by just looking you're doing nothing then you're wrong . You actually being proactive honestly I promise you are , life is about time and how you choose to spend it can seriously impact upon you . I don't really really like a change in my routine but sometimes it's the better the devil you know . On my way home after work I decided to go straight down the lane instead of going right . Feeling a little like Alice in Wonderland in my choices ..


It had been raining cats and dogs so puddles of course were the prerequisite, I do love how a puddle brings out the depth of colour in the world in particular making the greens ever more lush.

I wasn't dressed really for puddle watching that day but instead opted for that rare and noble art of puddle watching. You can find stars , galaxies, planets and burning suns in a puddle there really is another world in them.


Friday, 9 June 2017

How To Bond With Your Cat

How to bond with your cat....

How to bond with your cat is an age old question that has puzzled us human beings for many millennia they demand our attention and when we give it to them they ignore us ! Make your cat feel safe is part of the bonding process and then they make sit on your iPad to demand you worship them ....

Give your cat the space it needs.


 Obviously your cat is going to be mightily ticked off with the snap election and subsequent weeks of political wrangling not knowing if they're coming or going. So to appease and bond with your cat why not let it watch bird videos on youtube complete with a giant squirrel thrown in and no your cat will not get square eyes.



While your cat is relaxing watching the YouTube video you could pot up a strawberry plant ! Red Candy have a really sweet cat planter where a felt tongue is soaking up some water in a little dish and priced at only £10 it's not exactly going to break the bank.


And with Father's Day coming up also you could also order this comical cactus desk organiser that's also magnetic to hold paperclips perfect for any stationery lover and priced at £12.99


Disclosure I was sent the strawberry planter and desk organiser , the black cat however is my own and subject to doing what ever it likes

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

I said "Good Morning" You'll never believe what happened next !

I said

"Good Morning "

You'll never believe what happened next ...

Yes that's right I got various "Good Mornings " back on twitter - amazing in this age of pumping out the content. Saying "Good Morning " particularly on Twitter is the retro equivalent of playing Frogger on social media. I feel as is I have explain Frogger basically it's a game where you direct a frog to cross the road ~it's kamikaze. Health and safety would have a absolute fit as there is no sign of a safe crossing anywhere.

Will I have as much look as I say " Good Afternoon "?

Time will tell and I will back in about 3 minutes to update this blog post , I haven't had this much fun since I discovered a Freddo Frog in my coat pocket and you know how much those things costs nowadays. OOOh the anticipation is killing me ....

Update ...

I said

"Good Afternoon " and not a dicky bird but that's probably because it it wedged between a blog post titled "Here's one you missed " or "What I wore to the park " where none of the park is actually featured.

You know all those other tireless adverts that pop up to fill ever cavity of the internet ..

"You'll not believe how Cruise ships fill their ships "

"She looked gorgeous then but it's jaw dropping how she looked now "

There is no expectation to reply to a greeting no expectation I mean I do have better things to do with my life than worry if someone is going to reply to my hellos, afternoons or evenings . The world won't stop if no one replies a little sad perhaps as you'd hope that there life beyond the sponsored content or reviews and don't get me wrong these are great in their own right but it can be overwhelming. I think this is why I love to write about anything an idea can just spring into my head and I will write about it and this is what happened when I said ..

"Good Morning " on Twitter.

I think somalia media is good although you have to be careful as it can be like a drug , you can find yourself looking for the next hit if you are not careful. I write on a whim and on a hope and on a dream * sort of sounds like a rousing speak from the film "Gladiator " ...

I don't let myself get bogged down by social media nowadays I have been there and got the t-shirt and blogged about it ~ I rise like the proverbial phoenix from the flames go and FYI I have never been the subject of Mumsnet expect that post I wrote about "Gnome Knickers '

Thursday, 1 June 2017

The New Neighbours

I'm not sure about the new neighbours now I know they're not vampires as they appear in the bright sunlight. They do like to party somewhat and they dance about the place in their stripes .

They are of course the ever so beautiful Bumble Bee , they've built their home in the eaves of my human neighbours house.

I'm really enjoying #30dayswild and I was further buoyed when I found a childhood book "Fabulous Animals" by Sir David Attenborough.


Here are my new neighbours the Bumbke bees and aren't they marvellous !? 


Oh and here are my other neighbours who quite literally are hanging outside my window !


With all the nature close at hand I decided to strike out and be an explorerer so much so that when I saw a little girl with her grandma she said 

" That lady is on an adventure too "


I'm going to keep adventuring and be myself ...


Going Wild In June

I have the whole world at my feet , this is why I love to wander I wander with and with out a purpose , I burst with excitement to see what is round the next corner. I am especially excited as in June it is Go wild month a scheme with encourages you to get out there and connect with  wildlife, countryside and the whole shebang. Sometimes in life I can't cope with all the noise and hustle bustle round me and I just have to seek the solace of the wild and listen to the world song. It's not that I tire of listening to people but sometimes the sound of us humans can just start to sound like television interference.

I have to see the sky in the many myriads and hues it throws out , the world is your oyster they say and it really is . Wherever I walk sometimes people say "Hello , Good morning whatever is contrive to the time of day or the weather perhaps , Gosh don't us Brits just love the weather . I think I must tea about the weather every day even if it is to myself .

I just forever feel the need to walk and explore I am not the sort of person to keep still and I have ants in my feet instead of my pants. The affects of talking part with wild life and the surrounding is so brilliant it is the simple things in life. Listening to the bird song first thing in the morning as you sit outside and just looking at the the clouds is engaging , everyone can engage with it from family to friends to strangers.

If you do something wild every month it can make you feel happier healthy and more connected go be a caterpillars cheerleader !


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The Gift Of Friendship

What's Friendship to you ?

What's the gift of friendship to you ?

Friendship is a myriad of things to me and I've had many friends over the years but I like where I'm at right now bit like porridge in the 3 little bears not too hot , not too hot but just right. Any friendship to me has to be the right friendship. I heard the term 

" Time Poor "

The term intrigued be and I thought how could anyone been time poor but then again I don't see anyone saying 

"Time Rich "

I think with friends and family I'm 

" Time Enriched "

And the gift of friendship doesn't have to be a spa trip with bells and whistles ( although that would be very nice !)

And I was really taken back by a friend online ( and I've met her in real life ) when she kindly sent me a card to cheer me up ( due to my impending job redundancy ) . You think it's only a simple card but let me tell you it's these little lifts that truest make the heart soar giving you hope.

Hope is way you need when your heart sinks and these litte lifts bring you back from the brink , it might me 

" that dress really suited you , you beautiful "

I find compliments very hard to take but they are most welcome as I can reflect on them , I'm reflecting a lot at the minute.


Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Love A BBQ

Love a BBQ I do , and the other day we all went to the in laws BBQ and it was lovely especially as of late we have all had a really busy time and the teen is just about to start his A levels eek . So it was brilliant for him to get together with his other teenage cousins and my brother in law got the Chimera roaring as you will see from the photos don't worry he didn't lose his eyebrows.


I love this kitsch sauce holder from the Range  and I love fun , I'll certainly be buying one for myself , life after all does need a little fun in it and at only £1.99 it's a bargain. Purchase of this item does not ensure sunshine but who needs sunshine all the time ?!

Red is an ideal colour to coordinate your BBQ with !


I find the above picture an absolute dream as it my teen helping my sister in laws mum with her technology and it is inspiring to see the patience teenagers have and some of society really shouldn't be so quick to write them off.

Friday, 26 May 2017

School Life In A Blink Of A Eye

School life .

It's a bit of whirl really and it really really does go in a blink of an eye and of course as a promise to my son not to embarrass him on his last day ever of school so this is why I've posted on Facebook and why I'm writing this blog post.

When you came through for the charity fun run at school by buying a Sherlock Holmes costume then making up lost relatives on the sponsorship form !

He has always been part of this blog #willingly

The times I have had to take him to a cookery blog event where the cooking bug rubbed off on him and he took GCSE cookery . Update he's never cooked a meal at home yet but the cookery skills I'm assured do lay dormant.

He's off later to a prom at a fancy pants race course its the last big hurrah before university , I am fully aware of Freshers week I understand it that it is very civil and just a series of tea parties really . I mean you can't get carried away with tea and cucumber sandwiches can you now .

I have received the travel together rail card so we can go visit the teen at York , I tell you I will be virtually camped at Betty's tea rooms.

The Pramshed



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