Tuesday, 21 November 2017

My AirBnB horror

My Airbnb horror .

It appears we had a double booking when we arrived at a rural chalet at a farm.

We went to see the owners and all seemed good , we settled in drank the tea ate the biscuits.we thought it was strange there were a couple of bags there but thought they were the owners ...

Imagine our surprise when at 8.45 pm to people cane through the patio doors bearing flowers vodka and other nibbles.

We were all taken aback and all showed our booking s on AirBNB 

So off we marched to the farm house in the dark to talk to the owners .

It appeared our booking had gone through and with Airbnb you don’t get the address till you have a booking.

But the other people’s booking it seemed was confirmed... on the owners end of AirBnb

Mystery it seems I hadn’t verified my details and Airbnb had emailed me to that affect but I hadn’t got the email.So my booking was cancelled.

I mean surely you should have to be verified before you make a booking ???!

As I can see this problem occurring else where !!

First time I’d used Airbnb and maybe the last !!🤣

Ps the owner had spoken to the other people on the phone and the chap had said he was with his girlfriend . I turn up and speak to the farmer and say I am with my husband...

This is why I think they thought we were wife swappers ...

I mean I enjoy nibbles but not that sort of nibbles ...

Thankfully we stayed in the farmhouse thanks to the owners ....

Hilarity and calamity seems to follow me ...

Friday, 17 November 2017

Travel Prices Hiked Up At Christmas

I thought I'd look at travel at Christmas time and of course the travel prices are really hiked up but luckily when I travelled to Rome this August , we traveled with BA and it was around £1100 for the 4 of us with a further 90 pounds in city tax which we paid in Rome .

So a cheap holidays by all accounts and I am really impressed with British Airways so far all airlines I am sure do have their problems but I haven't encountered any. So much did we enjoy Rome that we have booked to go to Venice this Christmas which I know is a crazy crazy time to go away as it the most chaotic high volume time to travel but c'est la vie.

I hadn't planned on us going to Venice but with the advent of the annoying  you have to claim PPI before August 2019 I thought I had better look into our household situation and I was glad I did as the money I got back has helped pay for Venice. Venice for 3 of us (adults is £879 ) including breakfast . I have just got to sort out the transfer s from Marco Polo airport to our hotel so I am just getting my head round that at the minute as Venice has a shed load of water round it !

I am anxious not to be caught up in the tourist trap side of Venice so I’m doing my research and asking around, have you got any tips for me in Venice ?

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Tea And Happy Things

Tea makes me very happy and when I feel down it is the drink that lifts my very soul , cats do that do put you can’t get a cat in a cup.

Very often or not I’m battling against my mental health demons but writing helps me expel these on a daily basis.As I’ve said before mental health is not an Olympic sport and empathy should be for all but life isn’t always fair and the struggle is real.

But though the struggle is real it’s about being myself and doing what I like when I like it.

I love finding old tea cups as well oooh the vintage I really do love it.

I’m dabbling with sketching I can sketch from photos but I can’t sketch from my mind arrrgh throws artistic tantrum!!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Chicken and Chestnut Mushrooms In A Cheese sauce

Welcome to Claire's Kamikaze cooks this is a leftover recipe and it can be used with any sort of mushroom or even you could use Turkey leftovers.


A punnet of Chestnut mushrooms or any mushroom or edible fungus

Left over cooked chicken / turkey 

Simple white sauce which is 

(3 tablespoon of plain flour

50 g of butter 

Half a pint of milk or more if needed , )

Stir in 50 g of grated cheese to the white sauce I used a posh Italian cheese

Salt Pepper 


Preheat the oven to 190 C

Wipe over mushroom s and place in the bottom of an over proof dish

Next add the chicken/turkey

Pour over the sauce stir round and cook in the over for 25 minutes ensuring the chicken is heated all the way through.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Mmmm 5 Things you didn’t know about me it could turn out like one of those rubbish click bait articles you see when you’re galloping round the Internet but honestly it would be I assure you ( fingers crossed squarely behind back ) I won’t be dealing you that I’m an MI5 spy but surely a true soy would tell you that just to fox you.

1. I’m Scottish 100 % through and through I come from the Scottish islands of the Outer Hebrides and I was born in Daliburgh and lived in South Uist. I came to England when I was about 3 ish .I’m also half Cornish and half English so I’m rather mixed up but that’s the way I like it , Scottish Independence why just let me paint my face blue and call me William Wallace.

2. I do like boxing films Rocky you name it I love it don’t ask me why I just do though the film the Champ did rather make me cry when I was younger.I haven’t seen Raging Bull though do I really must see that at some point I have heard that it is a much watch. Yes I do like the cheesy Rocky films in particular the one that is set in the cold war Rocky IV

"I must break you  "

This how I feel when I do battle with a self supermarket checkout and it is not letting my items through in particular my tea as nothing gets in the way of my beloved tea.

And the training montage in Rocky is obviously my approach to housework ( not )....

And yet I don't like real boxing except boxing at the Olympics where they wear the special head gear I like and watch that . I bet you are feeling a little surprised from this revelation now !

3. I am actually allergic to cats and dogs but less so to cats weird that but true but I didn’t know this for certain till I had an allergy test where it revealed I was allergic to cats,dogs,horses and grass with a seafood intolerance as well.But as I grew up with cats my allergy to cats is lessened but still I’m allergic c,est la vie 

4. I can literally write about anything and everything hence why I blog I’m very ecliptic and that’s what I love about myself. You’ve got to love yourself not in a narcissistic way but in a self boasting I’m fantastic sort of way.I desperately try not to put myself which at times can be very hard not to do but I love social media for helping me out on this. At the same time I also dislike social media for the witch hunt that it can become.

5. I don’t do sliced cheese sandwiches no no and no again not very exciting I do but I’ve got this far and I thought what else could I write perhaps that I’m a princess from an exotic royal family but I’ve shunned my rich life style to drink tea and keep cats.

Library Goals That You Want In Your Life

Aren't libraries just magical you can lose yourself for hours in adventure,intrigue murder and transport yourself to all manner of countries and also firmly square yourself as an observer in the life of someone else. You really can't beat the smell of books in particular old books and libraries full of old things where it looks as if people have just stepped out of the room and could come back at any minute to fetch their things.To lose yourself in a book is the best sort of self indulgence ,I think next to drinking tea and keeping cats and it is not in the slightest bit selfish.

To be able to sit down in your favourite armchair and just relax and not care about the worries and woes in the world for a fraction of time is the deepest joy, books are marvellous and libraries are the best treasure chests there are out there.

Books are for reading and touching and smelling if you have never smelt a book particularly as mentioned an old one you must there is no smell like it.Libraries are beautiful and should be saved whether they are in an old house or modern building libraries don't have to be big you can happily create your old reading space in your house with very little effort.

Our libraries are under threat and they are closing at at alarming rate as councils seek to reduce their budgets even my own village centre library is under threat and it has only been open 6 years built with Lottery funding and it is a cause we are fighting.

Libraries can even be your old much loved red telephone box also often incorporating a debifilartor so you can see in more ways then one and life be breathed into something.

So old or new make sure you love your library they are our heritage our past and very much our future , and how I love them so.



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