Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Self Care Isn’t About The Expensive Candles

Self care isn’t about the expensive candies , it’s about going what you need to function be it brushing your teeth to showering to that not so simple cup of tea .And don’t compare yourself to other people as comparison is the devil in waiting at times.

And I thought as I sat here in silence drinking my tea that there wasn’t silence there was the lashing of the rain falling in the window pane like a million jewels. I could hear the reassurance of the ticking of a My Victorian clock honestly never under estimate the power of a ticking clock it’s the best therapy you’ll never have to pay for.

Also stop justifying what you don’t like it’s energy sapping and we are all entitled to our opinions ~ I don’t like 4 weddings and a funeral except when Simon Callow is in it. Self care is refreshing and I am loving writing this my words don’t flow as I might like  at times.

Today I like the colour Green it’s refreshing maybe that why far from the rain depressing  me it’s beguiling me as it creates a river of beauty. The rain will make everything Green for today I really Green tomorrow I really might love Blue I don’t want to show favouritism. I write what makes me Happy I don’t write to please if what I write resonates with you then that makes me happy.

I’ve a chill in my neck so fetching my scarf will make me happy and to top it off I’ll wear my bobble hat , the television is off . 

Tick Tick Tick 



Oh my beautiful clock !
I’m still here listening to my clock better than any television today self care isn’t about expensive candles .Today I’m Green, tea and tick and tocks and wearing a bobble hat and maybe special socks.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Loving Packwood House

I love exploring new places and as my husband and I are members of the National Trust we decided to go visit Packwood house.How I view my photography is different to my husbands and that’s the beauty of individuality.

I’m about the unusual and the unseen if I see what excites me in my minds eye then I know that’s the photographic shot for me.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

How Do I Get to See The Best Views In Venice ?

What’s the best view I hear you say , well pretty much every where you look really as Venice is an Instagram ready beauty that doesn’t fail to deliver.Venice, Italy is magical, mysterious, and a photographer’s paradise. It is probably one of the most picturesque and photogenic city in the world. Everywhere you walk or maybe gondola then you point your camera there is something interesting to capture. You will twist and turn with excited anticipation : cobblestone paths church domes, winding canals, people watching ,gondola and bridges.

1. Rialto Bridge find the quiet spots !
The Rialto Bridge is always crowded, day or night with people desperate to get that shot with their selfie stick.However, if you walk away from the bridge in either direction, just a short distance and you will find yourself quiet areas with amazing views of the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge, the glorious architecture and the gondolas.

2. The view from the Water Bus to and from the airport
Forgot the 80 Euros Gondoliers even though they are black and very sexy and of course they are the symbol of Venice. But I promise you the water bus to and from the airport is a stunning way to get to your destinations and our hotel destination was a next to Rialto bridge. manoeuvring their sleek, black gondolas are the symbol of Venice. If you want then do go for a 30 minute gondola ride its better value the more of you there is the better as gondola will hold up to 6 people , we didn't go for it but there was plenty of people doing so.

3. Be a Wanderer and Explorer
Before arriving in Venice I had heard horror stories of smelly canals but as we were visiting in December this certainly wasn't the case , the only smell we encountered was walking through the world famous fish markets at Rialto. I believe it can be horridly hot in summer which was the case we found in Rome but you do adjust and of course regular cafe breaks are a must for a drink and the people watching.you probably heard  horrible stories of the heat and the crowds. Those things do exist, but only for people unwilling to look beyond the popular attractions like Piazza San Marco or the Rialto Bridge. Be a wanderer and explorer and just drift away honestly that is the best way to explore  especially on lazy days and holiday find those narrow streets, lazy alleys and those magical quiet canals.

Hidden Gems Of York - York Nuclear Cold War Bunker

Since the teen went to university up in York we’ve been up there rather a lot on various mission s , fetching and carrying that we now feel rather local. So what can you do in York that’s a little more unusual and a little of the beaten track after you’ve been mesmerised by the shambles

and eaten all the Fat Rascals ?

 What about a nuclear bunker , I love nuclear bunkers they’re so cool and interesting ( they’re funky ) I think it’s ok to take children as look as they’re ok in that sort of environment, obviously there will be references to nuclear war and the inevitable injuries that it causes.

Protecting us from Nuclear fall out is the York bunker a couple miles from York city centre.

It was built in the late 1950s and was active from 1961 all the way to 1991.It was one of 29 sites that notified good old Blighty (Britain) that it had been the subject of a nuclear attack also measuring the ensuing nuclear fall out.The dutiful task of this fell to the Royal Observer Corps (ROC) who are now disbanded.If the worst had happened, the ROC had the rather unenviable job of being cooped in this underground bunker for 30 days whilst completing their nuclear fall-out monitoring duties.

Thankfully the Cold War didn't heat up in that way and Mr T and I were rather happy we didn't have to check the radiation levels by "quickly nipping outside " in the height of 1960's fashion with the added benefit of just a scarf covering our mouths and then have a decomination shower which was basically just a couple of hosepipes. The Government didn't deemed it necessary that the ROC get those suits that you see in films of old as they were very expensive - eek

The Bunker is now decommissioned -the York Cold War Bunker is run by English Heritage, with entry comes hour-long guided tour. Adult tickets go for £7.50 + £0.80 gift aid or free if you belong to English Heritage

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Having A Nemesis In Life

We’ve all had a nemesis(an arch enemy ) sometime in life not perhaps a master criminal nemesis like Moriarty but a nemesis in some shape of form. One nemesis I had at school who was always trying to keep one step ahead of me , when it was GCSE's literally strolled 45 minutes into an exam and aced their English Literature exam.

My cat Jack has a nemesis, we call him ‘ Sid Vicious ‘ he’s hard core , he wears a studded collar, he listens to mean deep heavy metal  music,he probably likes Coldplay but doesn’t admit it ( some has to ), What is the measure of a cat this is a question for another time but for now it is the nemesis of ‘Sid Vicious ‘

Jack likes to keep lookout especially for dogs so when he spots them he can go to the front door ask to go out ( despite having a cat flap ) and sit on the door mat ( stereotypical ) and be able to taunt the dog by just being out of their reach.It is the cat equivalent of sticking 2 fingers up at someone.

He’s a mean bruiser is ‘Sid Vicious ‘ all muscle and he goes 

“Meow Meow hiss Meow Hiss Meow growl “

He’s probably got knuckle dusters as well in his cat basket and watches film like “ Lock Stock and 2 smoking kittens “

I’m not saying we are fanning any flames at all with comments like :

“ oooooh there’s a pussy cat in your garden “

Or “ go get him “... 

This is from Jane Willis who blogs at Onions and Papers and her crafting and cooking posts are legendary.


Sammy and Charlie were very brave cats. Their nemesis was a regular visitor to our garden and we nicknamed him The Enemy. Sammy and Charlie would spend hours sitting at the window snarling threats at him and clattering their jaws in that aggressive way cats have.......just as long as there was a thick pane of glass in between them and him. But if The Enemy ventured into the garden while they were outside, you've never seen two cats rush to the cat flap and the safety of the window quite so fast! “

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge With Sweet Potatoes

Now my son is at university away from the parent policing of what he eats I’m pleased to say he’s doing ok from cooking his own pasta to making his own cups of tea. Now he leads a busy university life and he does have a shed load of lectures to attend and is flying here there and everywhere for them and st the weekend he has college rugby.Time is short for him at times with the need to get that essay finished or get in that extra bit of studying / revision just before an exam.

And his choice of quick snack is a mircrowave burger but before you shake your head, tut and run away do please hear me out as there is more to it as you will see that Rustlers Fried Chicken Burgers are perfect for for embellishment.Southern Fried Chicken burgers are made from quality chicken marinated with a southern fried breadcrumb.

You can add a tasty side to your burger maybe carrots and hummous or make your own each chutney the possibilities really are endless and the whole family can get involved with helping.

And just because you’re away from home at university it doesn’t meet you can’t adopt a healthy lifestyle which in turn you can show other people.I served my burgers with sweet potatoes fries which really easy to do and once you have made them you'll always want to have them.

This post is an entry for Britmums Burger Hacking Challenge sponsored by Rustlers 

Friday, 2 February 2018

If I couldn’t See The Wood For The Trees

I live on the edge of Suburbia long ago it was was a sleepy little village but it since been swallowed by the trappings of modern life.But it’s sleepp little heart remains and I’m so glad as I can escape at any point into the countryside. At the bottom of my road there’s 3 farms and another on my way to where I work at the school.From bedroom windows I can see the uniform tiles of a robot suburban living but I can also see the trees of the park of the countryside and one of the woods near me.

Trees are never ordinary, I love trees and I love looking at them.

If I couldn’t see the wood for the trees I’d be sad as I love my surroundings.

Stop Giving Milleials a Hard Deal

I was wondering if we give millennials to hard a time with us calling them "Snowflakes"I’m a parent of a millennial he’s currently working very very hard at university which in itself is a culture shock for both parent and child.

Every generation has a criticism launched at in some way shape of form but I really think millennial do have a bit of a raw deal at times. They struggle with finances as university fees and the cost of living is at record highs.

My generation I’m not even sure what they are called but I remember a struggle but a struggle to fit in and feel part of things was more of my thing.

My son is struggling to find a job at university, I don’t think there is as many suitable part time jobs around that fit around with the pressures of study. Being at university is running that tightrope between funding a job and maintaining your grades .The transition between 6th form to university is a high canvernous leap.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Kamikaze Cook Returns Sweet Potato Dauphinoise

Welcome to another edition of Claires Kamizae cooks where I put Michelin chefs to shame in my Kamizae nature of cooking of cooking on a whim and a prayer.


A few sweet potatoes 

100 ml of milk 

Splurge of cream 

And that bit of cream cheese Philadelphia thrown in as well 
Crushed garlic to taste 
Springs of thyme ( make sure your don't leave any woody pits in ) 
Chopped onion ( chopped like a ninja )

Grated cheese of choice


Preheat the oven to 200 c / or 180c if a fan oven that’s around Gas Mark 6 

Fry the onion you’ve chopped like a ninja along with the thyme , salt pepper and garlic for 10 minutes until they have softened.

With the onions softened add the milk and cream to the pan and simmer, this will infuse the garlic and herbs in the cream.

Meanwhile carefully silver the potatoes thinly and evenly layer half the sweet potatoes into an oven proof dish.Then pour half of the onions in the milk and cream over the potatoes .

Then put the remaining slices of sweet potato into the dish and pour over the remaking milk and cream.
Grate the your cheese of choice over the top and bake for 40-45 minutes until the potatoes are soft all the way through.



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