Saturday, 9 April 2011

Rollie is very very cross you wouldn't like him when he's angry !

Silver tabby cat
Rollie has expressed to me his sadness and annoyance that no one has come forward. And  so Rollie speaks " I feel very very cross that no one has offered me anything to review.I know I only started this blog last Friday. I did try to review my owners PS3 headset whilst playing Call of Duty but I just kept hearing voices. I got very very  angry and ate the headset..And so I have decided to give an interview in two weeks time. I am going to offer a mystery prize to one of you sad people who ask me a question. I know you will be honoured by this. I grow tired of you all now. I have some liver and some fava benas  waiting followed by a nice  Chianti  "

Rollie has decided to give away  twelve more prizes .

So please comment on this post asking Rollie a question.

2. Make sure you follow this blog and me @needaphone on twitter.

I will choose 13 questions by random org on the 23 April and let the winners know on the 24th April.

The winners are @chriswoodgate, Tiddleslz, Cassieopea  grapevine,Jillandstan, @daisbybee, anaujbe, Kathhyrn mackinnon, Nadine, medsdemmon, steap, peggyknits, Lorna Peppiat


  1. Why do you make Claire's life so awful??!!! @contrarymary80!!!

  2. Hey Rollie, it's an honour indeed to engage with you! :) My question is this (probably lame but I don't get out much!) if you could spend the day ripping the heads off and intenstines out of birds and various rodents for any celebrity...which celebrity would that be? Good night your majesty ;) xx

  3. Hey Rollie, you are the most beautiful cat I have ever seen, if ya ever need a second home, just shout xx

  4. Hehehe angry cats are no good... so where is your favourite place to curl up in and relax?

  5. Do you hear little voices? Like a good one and bad one? If so,can you try listening to the good one for a change hehe x

  6. Hi Rollie, What do you make of the game Angry Birds? I reckon you should speak to Apple about developing an Angry Cats app. xx


  7. Hiya Rollie, I have a question for you. What mischief are you going to get up to while your owner is out schmoozing with Alan Titchmarsh ?!!


  8. When you tried to gas your owner, were you after the insurance money to buy cheese and watercress?? Or is it just part of a bigger plan for world domination??

  9. Damn mate you did call of duty before me no wonder your angry I would be to if I ate the headset,
    Hey m8 whiskers would have tasted better don't you know or am I just being a bit catty.
    But seriously Rollie m8 your a cat get over it you know you can be purr fect so meow. Hehehe

  10. Hello Rollie, if you could change just one thing about the human you own, what would that be?


  11. Rollie you have far too much time on your hands and obviously watch too many movies. You think you are Kitty Galore (from the film Cats and Dogs The Revenge of Kitty Galore) - and want to take over the world!

  12. hi rollie what i your favorite toy to play with and what do you do that annoys your owners the most lol

    follow as trollings

  13. Rollie - what is it the makes Catnip so irresistible?

  14. Rollie, why don't you try something like this:
    "Tell me a funny story about your best mouse chase ever. Best entry by 23.59 tomorrow gets 24 tins of sardines."

  15. Why do you cats always make a beeline for the one person in the room who doesn't appreciate your majesticness?


  16. Hi Rollie

    Do you bite noses like my cat does?

  17. Morning Rollie , you sure am one good looking puss, but I bet all the girls tell you that. What i would like to ask you is how do you keep cool in this hot weather? oh, and Pinky said to ask you if you have a girlfriend ? :)

  18. Rollie I want to know what you think of your owners - clearly you have issues with them!


  19. Dear Rollie

    My question is "Have you got opposing thumbs?"

    Because when you finally succeed in killing your owners, you're going to have to fend for yourself. Brie and watercress is all very well but an exclusive diet of it won't keep you at your current, muscle-rippling peak of fitness. And if you haven't got opposing thumbs, who is going to open the catfood tins?

  20. Dear Rollie,

    Have you ever considered taking the bell off your collar in order to make yourself a real, stealth assassin? That way, Claire will not hear you coming!

    P.S. I hope the prize on offer is the chewed up PS3 headset. I want to be able to extract your DNA and clone a army of super ninjas.

    Love, Vicki xxx

  21. Smoky has just gone for a nap, or she would write this herself )she's very good on the keyboard). She asked me to enquire what you find the most effective way of getting your people to do things - provide food, cuddles, etc.

  22. How much blood do you shed in an average day my psycho friend. Also would you take on a side job of assassin?

  23. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

  24. Rollie - have you ever thought of getting a job? Humans sometimes like to vent their fury in the workplace (judging by our local shopkeepers)Maybe this could work for you too?

  25. Morning Rollie.. I have an elderly competitor to your crown of angry grumpy cat. Jekyll will fight you to the death, how about it!!!

  26. Hi Rollie, a great blog, I hope you enjoyed mine and Blots too :-)

    Blot and I argue about this regularly, she also likes Curry plants but I prefer grass and seedling courgettes - Can you tell me whether you prefer catnip toys or loose catnip, which varieties have you tried or if you like human herb plants?

  27. Rollie,

    Obviously, you are the most significant cat in the blogosphere, not to mention the world. But are there any other cats that you admire, tolerate, or chew gently? They won't reach your high standards, I know.

    (following as @meedja)

  28. You are a very handsome cat but what are you really thinking?

  29. Hi Rollie

    Firstly I hope you are well. I would like to ask if you could choose to sit on the knee of any Royal, whowould you choose and why?

  30. Hi Rollie,

    Why do cats run sideways in the wind with a big puffy tail?

    I'm following of GFC katwoman2
    twitter @cheepcheepcheep


  31. Hi Rollie, you could my cat Penny Poppet's twin, you're so alike!
    I'd like to ask do you get bored easily?

  32. Hi Rollie. Where did you learn such magnificent ninja skills?

  33. Hi Rollie I want to know if you have a girlfriend?

  34. Hi Rollie , whats the best way to make a grumpy cat happy? because my Cuddle's has a very simular grumpy look about him so i show him some love. But sometimes when i show him love he bites me :( and when i leave him alone he claws my legs as im walking past :(
    I thought you would be the best cat to ask on this one :0)

  35. hi rollie :)
    i love your blog !!!
    i have 2 ninja cats too, they dont like me at the moment as they have been to the vets to have their boy bits removed !!

    i would like to know this ..
    as your ninja skills are clearly top class.. who would you like to ninja fight?


  36. Hi Rollie

    Are you going to be watching the royal wedding?

  37. Hi Rollie - Do you tweet?


  38. Who is your favourite cat in a cartoon or movie and why?


  39. I've had a boring day and you've livened it up with a lovely surprise - thankyou! Kx


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