Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Cat's Whiskers........

What do you do when you have got an evil Ninja cat and it s demanding milk?. You can not give in however much your scratched leg,arms and sofa tell you. This is because of the high lactose content in cows milk. Just don't do it even if they give you a silly look....

Not even if they give you an half closed eye dozy evil stare....

So it was lucky those lovely people at Whiskers had given me Whiskers CatMilk to try..No not me the cat!

So Rollie decided to give it a go Here is the product description " Most cats love milk. "But did you know that the lactose (milk sugar) found in cow's milk can be difficult for some cats to digest? Whiskas® Cat Milk has been specially developed by top nutritionists and vets to provide a healthier alternative.

For starters Whiskas® Cat Milk contains much less lactose than you'd find in the same amount of cow's milk. It's also got the same great taste of ordinary milk and is a natural source of calcium (which will help keep her bones strong and healthy). Every lap is full of goodness."

Rollie decided to try the Milk out in the garden as it wasn't too hot.

By the end of it all Rollie was totally satisfied.

I must admit it looked good enough to put into my coffee! though I didn't.

With the Cat Milk the cat should also have water available with it at all times as well. As the Cats Milk is a complimentary pet food.Thank you Whiskers. Please visit Whiskers at


  1. LOL at Rollie - down in one!

    LOL also at the cat food bowl!

    Great review x

  2. Aw! he loves his milk! So , was that wind I could hear, or was that Rollie and his feroucious purring? Honestly, he's gorgeous! :O)

  3. Well Rollie M8 that looked delish and I can see you enjoyed it well done.

  4. @Mr_Pie said: Rollie made that look SO scrummy! What a lovely film. It's made me want a milk shake. *glances round*...hmmm better pop out to shops again then!

  5. so not only is Rollie an evil Ninja but he supports Chelsea... it all adds up!
    the milk looked good though!

  6. I hope it was just Milk in that bowl Rollie?! ;-)


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