Friday 8 March 2013

Rollie .........."Get him to the Total Greek"

The Lovely Lovely people at Total yoghurt decided to let Rollie try some Greek split pot Yoghurt's. Well Rollie was so excited He lay in wait for the Ocado man first he hid in a box. I worry about my cat what goes through its mind. Why did it eat its own eyes holes out. Rollie of course can be hired out as a hitman.

Rollie then decided to stalk the Ocado man by waiting at the window..... Poor Ocado man....

Finally the Ocado man delivered much to the relief of Rollie , me and the rest of the human race.

Evil Rollie inspects the yoghurt's. You never argue with this cat . he took his time inspecting his hoard. Perhaps it was because the Ocado man ran , ran for his life from the property and Rollie was sulking at missing out on live prey.

Honestly Rollie is smiling within.

This is the information from the Total Greek website.

"'                                  "NEW TOTAL 0% Greek Yoghurt Split Pots - ALL YUM, NO FAT!

Introducing a brand new concept in healthier eating.
Total 0% split pots combine natural fat-free Greek Yoghurt with a side portion of delicious honey or fruit compote.

Available in four delicious flavours, TOTAL 0% split pots are the perfect indulgence, with no artificial sweeteners and no compromise on taste. Higher in protein than other yoghurts, these convenient little pots have less than 130 calories per pots.*

Take a swirl of sweet honey or fruit compote and plunge your spoon into the smooth, thick Greek yoghurt to create the perfect mouthful.

Brilliant for breakfast, luscious at lunchtime, a superlative snack or a dreamy dessert, NEW TOTAL 0% Greek Yoghurt split pots bring you that great indulgent TOTAL taste, fat free!

*apart from TOTAL 0% with Honey which has 167 calories'  "

This all sounded good to me and Evil Ninja cat Rollie.

The First Total Greek Yogurt to be tried was the strawberry .Of course I ate the yogurt first and the cat had a little of each.... The split pot yoghurt's are great for breakfast,lunch or a dessert. We ate them mainly  for breakfast and for dessert . I found them all to be quite filling and satisfying . Anyway back to the strawberry yoghurt. I tried the strawberry compote first and found it to very sweet and quite jam like, but a very high quality jam.

Next up was the honey yoghurt, now I had read people had trouble with the honey setting in this yoghurt. I had no such trouble at all. The honey trickled easy offf my spoon into the Greek yoghurt. I have never been one for tipping the compote into the yoghurt. I think it is part of a mortal fear that it is going to spring out of my hats and splatter me in the face. I found the honey to be an ideal partner to the tartness of the Greek Yoghurt a good British  cup of tea.

We totally adored the blueberry yoghurt , it was an assualt on my senses. I loved the blueberries exploding on my tongue it was a bit of a "When Harry met Sally " moment ... blush. I think this has to be the best of the bunch  as it totally blew me away.

The final yoghurt was the tropical which at first looked odd because it has kiwi's in in but the taste is mellow and of course tropical  and it  transports you off to some tropical island( No it doesn't but we can all dream can't we.) It is rather sweet but it so nice.

So in conclusion Rollie and I really liked the yoghurts we think they have got the competition licked. Please head off to the Total Greek website , you can pick up so good fitness tips there too.

Jack the common servant cat decide  to clean up after King Rollie.

This is Rollie video review of the Strawberry Split Pot yoghurt


  1. I love Rollie. He's one smart cat!

    Especially like the pic of him sitting waiting for the Ocado man, ready with his wallet to pay him!

  2. Oh that reminds me of my lovely old cat Charlie, no longer with us now, who could identify the soundofa yoghurt pot lid at 400 paces. His favourites were the citrussy ones but I bet he'd have loved blueberry too.

  3. That cat has a better diet than i do!
    Well done Rollie!

  4. I do love your blog, it cracks me up no end! Very well written and the yoghurts sound delish! A great read! :O) x

  5. Awwh thanks everyone :) makes me go mushy.:)

  6. Great shot peeking through the box holes!

  7. I shall have to try this with my cat.

  8. I have been wondering about trying Total yoghurt's - I may now buy some since you both enjoyed them so much.

  9. Rollie is lovely! Thanks for the review of yogurt.

  10. I love Total yoghurt- so I would like to try this


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