Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A wanderful review

Having won a Kandela wand and candle. The magical people at The Wand Company have let Rollie( with help as the wand is not a toy) have a Kymera wand.

Rollie was bored with his plans for world domination.

Rollie was fed up doing Karate.

Rollie was fed up with the boring remote control.

So Rollie decided to review the Kymera wand ( with help)

Kymera Wand what is it first. It is a Universal remote control is is made by the truly wanderful The Wand company. If you operate can a Wii remote you can do this. It can learn up to thirteen gestures by remote control. The thirteen gestures need not all belong to the same device. My favourite was the Big swish . I so wanted to shout something from that Wizard film....

1. Rotate anticlockwise
2. Rotate clockwise
3. Flick upwards
4. Flick downwards
5. Flick left
6. Flick right
7. Tap on top
8. Tap on side
9. Big Swish
10. Push forward
11. Double tap on top
12. Double tap on site
13. Pull Back

From start to finish you feel as if you have been selected to go on a magical mission. If only it would stop Ninja Killer cat killing. He has a new collar its not as if his mates are snickering at him behind the bins. It comes in a white box within that box is a smaller box with Kymera printed in gold letters.
Also inside there are beautifully printed instructions easy to understand with  a multitude of languages.

 Rollie carefully reading the instructions.

The wand has a nice look and feel to it. You just don't think that it is plastic but some sort of exotic wood .

There is a practice mode which doesn't need explaining does it. Well you can practice without it learning the function. It comes with batteries which is a bonus specially if you give it as a gift.

To program, you first have to hold it pointing up and tap it with your finger in the central carved. Then execute the movement that most suits you, and press the remote button you want to turn this trend pointing to the wand. If you have  follow the steps correctly, the wand is programmed in the same frequency as the control and movement associated with the button.

Perhaps the wand is best suited for television functions you decide its up to you. It is a fun item that entertains yet has a practical use. The only down side for me was when you using to change channels on my sky box you, would end up with arm ache changing from one end to another. i would like to see the wand be able to learn number functions to make this easier.

The wand is for you is you love Harry Potter, love gadgets and love fun in your life. For me it was the closet I came to magicing Ninja Killer cat away or visa versa but it didn't.

You can buy wand at various places but why not visit http://www.kymera-wand.com/ 


  1. Hi Rollie, does it work on humans and cat sisters? Thanks


  2. Rollie is cool. And so very evil! I want him to review a holiday in Kenya


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