Thursday 23 June 2011

I am being Brilliant are you? and how to avoid a giant badger....

I am totally brilliant are you. That is how I like to think of my self now. This a  personal blog post with a review if that makes sense a sort of combo a deal a bargain if you please.So here we have a cat with a copy of Andy Cope's "A Brilliant Life: By Andrew Cope.

Firstly I am usually a happy sort with the odd moan. I help people I network  , I am not every one's cup of tea but I am me. I do so much for people and school etc I never really blow my own horn though perhaps I should. I have tirelessly being clogging up twitter, etc with my endless tweets emails about my school fair. I admit I am not one of those people that seem to be a crowd magnet, there are people who speak at me and not to me. it's one of those things you have to accept. I try to like everyone though its not possible is it really. I am a great observer and absorber , I have a mind like a steel trap. Yet I have no self confidence,what a shocker.

I know what you are thinking I am going to spout some hippy cr*p but I am not. Secondly be careful what you tweet a prime example is that premiership footballer . What you tweet could have a knock on around you and perhaps leave people being less than brilliant. I found myself being a purpetrator of this without realizing what I had done. Yes I was compounded by grief but I am realizing what a slippery slope twitter can be. Never tweet anything as someone told me you wouldn't want a million people to see. A phone call is always better, more composed rantings I suspect.

So we come to Andy Cope's " A Brilliant life"

First glaces you may think its a children's book it's not it aimed at your morbid self perpetuating energy sucking teenagers and turning them into a radiator of internal happiness. Of course along their journey there will be breakdowns, but then again  what appliance doesn't break down at some point. Its at this point you  make  sure you are surrounded by those people who will promote you self happiness.

Th book follows a sequence of advice through words and pictures. It is something you dip in and out of leave it in the bathroom read it on the toilet. leave it on a grumpy bosses desk anywhere. Its like the banksy of the book world it should just appear anywhere and  everywhere.

So how does this book start well at you sitting comfortably then I will begin......

It starts with a young person feeling average kinda OK  average. It goes on to explain the traumas that teenagers face, school exams homework etc.Of course all this negativity becomes a habit, a bit like you know going to the supermarket buying the same cereal; when you know 2 minutes down the road you could buy it a whole thirty pence cheaper. Then he learns the big '5' and takes you through the process of how this young chaps starts to feel more positive. Let's be honest its not going to come as a complete shock to you when I tell you that this young teenager ends up feeling and acting positive now then is it?
Now I do expect you to go off and purchase this book it very might well change your life.... or that of your life force sucking teenager.

Now Andy Cope is a jolly nice chap he helped me at my school fair and even bought along his new spy pup " Star' he can be found on twitter as @spypup also you can visit him at

He also dragged his trusty sidekick  Ritchie from Givingift which is a great charity organization.

I'll bet you are all wondering where the giant badger comes in aren't you? Well at the school fair I was given the task of showing a giant badger round for an hour. ( local mascot from a chain pub). Now the thought of this didn't exactly thrill me with all my talents. Just as I was about to show the giant badger round , why Andy Cope turned up my saviour. I couldn't leave him just hanging there, could I?.  I did the polite thing and talked to him somehow losing the badger.. oh dear. After a long and fruitful conservation I found the giant badger. Sadly it hadn't being flattened in a road traffic accident....

Saturday 11 June 2011

Show us your shoes ...........

Having been tagged by the lovely @cheryl59 over at

I had to show how Rollie wears his shoes or his slippers

This is the height of excitement for Rollie in our house. It is very tiring be a Ninja cat. So its over to the glamour people below to see how they wear their shoes or slippers.. So I am going to tag

@superluckydi who is at

@Mummiafelice who is at

@V82CHRIS who is at

Let us see what these lovely ladies come up with.

Funny things kids say........ Legends of the Guardians Blu ray giveaway.

My son mmmm is 12 going on 40 love him to bits but his Humour is a tad sarcastic, well I thinks it's humour.

First example. me "We are going to get a new washing machine!" son "Well that's good for you then!"

Nest one whilst in supermarket: "We need a new mop head" Son " There is one behind me..." ( meaning me )

And today's complete gem after telling him we were going to go to a garden centre to buy stones for the garden was. " Can't you just get them out of the ground?"

Sigh and one last crack of the week was . "Was Percy Jackson the son of Zeus?" me "No dear that was a film!"

I have no idea where he get his humour from  do you..?

I shall do a giveaway ending on the 30 th June the prize that Owl Blu ray.

You will need to 

1. Follow my blog.

2. Comment below something funny a child has said. ( nothing profane please)

3. Tweet the following " I owl ways be with @needaphone at "

Sunday 5 June 2011

Meowgon Pawney the @verylazyfood chef ......

The celebrity chef surveyed his empire readying himself with a few select swear words. Seeming that  no one is eating cucumber , Rollie is now using one as a battering ram for the cat flap. I digress from the task in hand or paw for that matter. Rollie had to get into his chef's whites.

Rollie was of course taught by Jaimie Oliver and gets his swearing ability from Gordon Ramsey. 

Of course to save us from a trip to A & E I let my husband do the cooking.  I had been given Green Thai curry cooking concentrate from Very Lazy Food.

As you see from the top picture this comes in a neat glass jar with a a cardboard label surrounding this remove this to follow the very very easy instructions. The instructions told me to use chicken though you can substitute this for prawns etc Also suggested to add to it was green beans which husband did, husband also added those little sweetcorn things.

As the instructions say five minutes preparation fifteen minutes cooking !

The next step was siir frying the chicken for 3-4 minutes till cooked though husband gave it five.

The next step was for dutiful hubbie to add the Very lazy Green Thai Curry concentrate and cook for two minutes.

And of course don't forget the coconut milk........

And remembering to stir thoroughly, men are rather good at stirring aren't they.

The Coconut makes it quite fluid easily soaked up by the rice you can if you wish add a little less coconut milk than the 400ml suggested.

Whilst of course this is cooking out Rollie is preparing the boiling in the bag rice. Though the recipe suggested Jasmine rice . I would suddenly use my husband to cook again he is rather useful and worth keeping in the cupboard. Sorry the lazy Food concentrate is useful and definitely worth keeping in the cupboard there are so many variates to try. The chillies give it a bit of a kick but thats the way I like it.

When you have had a hard day cooking. ( NOTE cat is not DEAD its just tired.......)

Rollie is very much alive ( notice the wink ... again). I have a cat and yes it does cook..... Thank you @verylazyfood