Saturday, 11 June 2011

Funny things kids say........ Legends of the Guardians Blu ray giveaway.

My son mmmm is 12 going on 40 love him to bits but his Humour is a tad sarcastic, well I thinks it's humour.

First example. me "We are going to get a new washing machine!" son "Well that's good for you then!"

Nest one whilst in supermarket: "We need a new mop head" Son " There is one behind me..." ( meaning me )

And today's complete gem after telling him we were going to go to a garden centre to buy stones for the garden was. " Can't you just get them out of the ground?"

Sigh and one last crack of the week was . "Was Percy Jackson the son of Zeus?" me "No dear that was a film!"

I have no idea where he get his humour from  do you..?

I shall do a giveaway ending on the 30 th June the prize that Owl Blu ray.

You will need to 

1. Follow my blog.

2. Comment below something funny a child has said. ( nothing profane please)

3. Tweet the following " I owl ways be with @needaphone at "


  1. As a teenager I went to a christening with my friend and her young brother, the vicar said to him 'bless you my child', her brother looked perplexed and said 'but I didn't even sneeze!' had us gigglining in fits for ages! (@LuckyThing13)

  2. My 7 yo son slipped over the other day and basically done the splits when he landed, he got up wincing and said "I shouldn't have done that, I'm not trained to do the splits!"

  3. I already follow you. My 4 year old son said to me " Mummy can we go to disneyland for my birthday?"
    Me "I'm sorry sweetie we can't afford it this year"
    "But its says on tele kids go free!"

  4. I already follow your blog.
    My 5 year old son recently said to me: "I look a little bit the same as myself don't I?"
    I really didn't know what to say to that little gem!

  5. Heya hun

    Already following you Blog via G.F.C
    Tweeted you as @CRYSTALmse

    My 4 year old nephew was soooo cute the other day . He was round at my house and wanted to play hide and seek .

    It was my turn to count but before I could start he said ,

    "Don't count too fast , I need to get in to the cupboard under the stairs"

    Bless him ...

    I searched all downstairs before opening the cupboard . I didn't have the heart to tell him . Hehe .

    Loving your kitty and Blog hun

    Thanks !


  6. My little cousin likes to think he's a comedian and Is convinced he is so funny... His 'funniest'. Joke to yell us is 'knock knock' who's there? Wig. Wig who? You just said it.

    This is after we told him the dr who version... I think he thinks he can put any word in there to make up a new joke!! bviously people laugh because it's stupid and doesn't make sense... So he thinks it's a great joke...

    My Twitter name is @craftythinker

  7. i am following you and have tweeted as @ashlallan. My daughter is always saying thinks to make me laugh (often unintentionally) - the other day i asked my daughter how she got on at nursery, there was a pause and she didnt say anything so i asked what she had had for lunch, quick as a flash she said - mum you cant ask me two things - i'm still thinking of the first answer - she is only 3, so cute!

  8. My new neighbour came round the other day to introduce herself. When asking my five year daughter if she had any other brother and sisters my daughter replies "No I'm a lonely child" .
    It was very funny, although a little embarrassing :).

    Tweeted you as @kimmy393

    Kim x

  9. My husband works nights and when he sleeps in the day my little boy tells people "daddy dead" - he can't say the letter "b", it comes ou as "d". He's trying to say daddy bed!

  10. My little boy asked how his calpol bottle knew he was a child when he asked why he couldnt open it and I replied its got a child proof top

    tweeted @pinkbling

  11. Just read this and made me laugh the things kids say these days but sometimes they can cheer you up when your having a bad day x

  12. My nephew (8) said recently during a football match where the supporters had turned around after scoring a goal (manchester city fans) ''I know why they do that?'' i asked why - he said, well mummy says shes got eyes in the back of her head so they must have..
    I still laugh everyday when i think of that night.


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