Sunday, 5 June 2011

Meowgon Pawney the @verylazyfood chef ......

The celebrity chef surveyed his empire readying himself with a few select swear words. Seeming that  no one is eating cucumber , Rollie is now using one as a battering ram for the cat flap. I digress from the task in hand or paw for that matter. Rollie had to get into his chef's whites.

Rollie was of course taught by Jaimie Oliver and gets his swearing ability from Gordon Ramsey. 

Of course to save us from a trip to A & E I let my husband do the cooking.  I had been given Green Thai curry cooking concentrate from Very Lazy Food.

As you see from the top picture this comes in a neat glass jar with a a cardboard label surrounding this remove this to follow the very very easy instructions. The instructions told me to use chicken though you can substitute this for prawns etc Also suggested to add to it was green beans which husband did, husband also added those little sweetcorn things.

As the instructions say five minutes preparation fifteen minutes cooking !

The next step was siir frying the chicken for 3-4 minutes till cooked though husband gave it five.

The next step was for dutiful hubbie to add the Very lazy Green Thai Curry concentrate and cook for two minutes.

And of course don't forget the coconut milk........

And remembering to stir thoroughly, men are rather good at stirring aren't they.

The Coconut makes it quite fluid easily soaked up by the rice you can if you wish add a little less coconut milk than the 400ml suggested.

Whilst of course this is cooking out Rollie is preparing the boiling in the bag rice. Though the recipe suggested Jasmine rice . I would suddenly use my husband to cook again he is rather useful and worth keeping in the cupboard. Sorry the lazy Food concentrate is useful and definitely worth keeping in the cupboard there are so many variates to try. The chillies give it a bit of a kick but thats the way I like it.

When you have had a hard day cooking. ( NOTE cat is not DEAD its just tired.......)

Rollie is very much alive ( notice the wink ... again). I have a cat and yes it does cook..... Thank you @verylazyfood


  1. You found a chefs hat and a jacket to fit the cat??!!!! Genius. The food looks nice too, lol! Love the photos. A joy to read and I'm glad he's just tired. He's also very, very cute. xxx

  2. That's one hugely talented feline. A book deal must surely be around the corner!

  3. thats made me feel hungry!!
    Rollie is so talented, if he had thumbs he would be prime minister!

  4. Rollie looks so lascivious in that chef's outfit! Just look at that lecherous wink! He knows that the way to a she-cat's heart is through her stomach.

    Hmmm....... wonder why my husband has cooked me TWO meals today.......

  5. Rollie looking cute as ever!

    Mmmm, curry looks good! Was it very spicy?

  6. Love the hat! That looks so funny!

  7. ooooo could u send Rollie over to make dinner for tonight pls as im not feeling 100% looks like he'd do a gr8 job, yum!

  8. Where do you get all these amazing outfits for Rollie? Does he have his own wardrobe?!

    I could do with a hubby like yours in the kitchen as I am indeed a very lazy cook!


  9. Fabulous pictures!! Loving the outfit. And as I've just seen this post at almost supper time, I'm not going to go downstairs and start making ours!!

    CJ xx

  10. LOL I'm amazed at the poses you get Rollie into !! Dinner looks great too. Can you invite me over next time?!!

  11. Im hungry now! I have never used any of the very lazy products yet, I will definately grab a jar next time I am out shopping. Possibly the garlic one, my chopping board tainted everything for a few days after I chopped and grinded some with salt for dauphiniose potatos.

    Rollie is awesome.

  12. curry looks gorgeous, im a sucker for anything with coconut milk in! Yum yum

  13. What a beautiful cat! Rollie is gorgeous!


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