Wednesday 26 December 2012

Zumba arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Well my friend persuaded me go to Zumba, then said friend rings and says she is ill. I still go on my own, what a brave inspirational soul I am!. I get there thinking am I wearing the correct things, will all the glamour ladies be shaking their thing. I needn't of worried till the music . Where was the instructor ?would she have a leotard riding up her... argggggggggggh the agony from the first go. The instructor was like a small hamster who had been necking several cans of Red bull and mega amount of Haribo's. I had stumbled into this class and tonight was all new routines. I had Jo Lo behind shaking at me all evening... I was hiding at the back. of course I am trying to lose weight, I might try and tell you the odd thing about my weight loss. That leads onto blogs being too personal. My blog is how it is, I change nothing . No blog is right or wrong, if you don't like mine then so be it. Though I am sure there is a blog out there you will. This is a picture of me a face to the blog see it is not all cats is it.

I have never ever gone back to the land of Zumba ... SO instead I'll do it (Zumba that is in the privacy of my own home ) I know I have weight to lose as its been pointed out to me on many occasion ! but proper motivation is the key. So I am going to trial a Zumba Wii game in the next coming weeks. 


  1. So what happened after the zumba class? Did you make friends? Are you going again? would you recommend? or run like the wing bullseye.. in the opposite direction!

  2. Caroline Elmhirst4 July 2011 at 07:18

    Hey, it's worth giving Zumba another go - I have found it all depends on the instructor, I have found a great class with all shapes and sizes and it is really good fun!

  3. I got Zumba on the X Box last February. I'm not a fan of public displays of wobble and panting, so I chose to exercise in my own home. I loved my Wii Fit, which I'd used for a couple of years, and gave Zumba a go. It was brilliant, 2 weeks in and I was getting the rhythm, 3 weeks and I'd lost 7lbs, 4 weeks and my tiny hernia I'd had for 18 months burst through. And that was that - no more exercise or strenuous activity and increasing pain and problems until I had it operated on in October. I've been officially allowed back driving and light activities for just under a week, and in another 7 weeks I can resume exercise. I may just give Zumba a miss for a while longer though.... :D

  4. Everyone seems to rave about Zumba but I do wonder if there is a bit too much shaking your booty for me and even though it is the point, it does look very energetic. I also have no coordination so I will be interested to know how you get on with the Wii game as I have looked at it a few times

  5. I have tried Zumba before and can't seem to get co-ordinated. Well done for going to a class on your own though, I know I wouldn't have been brave enough


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