Wednesday, 31 August 2011

E Cloths review

Whilst I was away in Cornwall I got to review the e-towel . I wasn't going to use the dishwasher in the cottage as, I would have had to fed the electricity meter more £1 coins! So I set Mr T the task of looking happy while doing the drying up......


A happy Mr T using the e-towel.

A wet glass before using the E towel.

The glass after using the e-towel

They might strike you as a bit pricey but it this day and age you get what you pay for. Cheap T- towel don't absorb much water , and just push the water around as you try to dry the dishes . And they don't absorb much dirt either but the E - Cloth T towel does and as they are machine washable they come up looking as good as new a defiant worthwhile investment . It is a simple item that will add pleasure to mine or more likely Mr T's washing up and save electricity as I will be using the dishwasher less. This product makes washing up less of a chore for all those use it. The e - towel is £4.99

The other product I got to test was the

E-Cloth Washing Up Pad
Contains one Washing Up Pad.
This e-cloth is fantastic for general washing up.
The special E-Cloth fibre side (yellow) cuts through grease and grime, while the scrubbing side (green) makes light work of stuck on food residue and stains.

And it was very good no more buying those packs of Non stick scourers from supermarkets for me!. The price of this item is £2.99

The special E-Cloth fibre side (yellow) cuts through grease and grime, while the scrubbing side (green) makes light work of stuck on food residue and stains.

Also there was the

Kitchen Pack

The great advantage to e-cloths is that they attract dirt which means you do not need to use any form of detergent, liquid cleaner, or whatever to get a great result. So you don't have to rinse off lots of suds and can save time and money on expensive cleaners.

Use a damp e-cloth to wipe over any surface and it pulls most of the grime away on one pass - if very dirty then you need to make the cloth more wet, and it's best to use a thicker weave for long-term dirt followed by one of the fine-weave polishing cloths to get the best finish.

You can then just rinse out the cloth under the tap and it's ready to use again. When they get very grubby you can machine wash them (don't use fabric softener though, because this interferes with how the cloth works).

It will take a bit of practice to get a really crisp finish on very shiny surfaces (especially glass or mirrors) I do have a lot of windows!.
This pack contains our two essential cloths at a small saving – our General Purpose and our Glass & Polishing cloths.

General Purpose Cloth

Ideal for the kitchen, this cloth will clean all hard surfaces, including thick grease. It is the ideal workhorse cloth for the kitchen and its versatility also makes it suitable for all household cleaning.

The thicker fibres and their wedge-shape construction give the cloth its extraordinary cleaning power. They also gives the cloth high and rapid absorbency.

Perfect when used in combination with the Glass & Polishing Cloth, which is ideal for taps, kettles, toasters, stainless steel and the final polish of worktops.

32cm x 32cm

Glass & Polishing Cloth

The Glass & Polishing cloth is our most versatile cloth. It will perform well on all light cleaning. It is exceptional on shiny surfaces and will leave taps, kettles, toasters and stainless steel completely smear-free. It will easily outperform specialist liquid cleaners on mirrors and glass.

The cloth has a different fibre construction and a different weave to the General Purpose cloth. This reduces overall absorbency and makes it less effective on heavy dirt. However, it increases the speed at which moisture is absorbed and its performance on light grease and dirt is excellent. This is what enables it to leave surfaces so shiny.
40 x 50cm


These items can be purchased from

or any other good retailer.

(Disclosure I was sent these items for the purposes of review)


  1. I LOVE e-cloths! They have changed my life! I wasn't sent any cloths for the purpose of this comment!
    Didn't know about the e-towels or e-scourers but I fancy getting them now as most of the cleaning in my house is now detergent-free, just using e-cloths!

  2. E-cloths are worth their weight in gold, simply superb :)


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