Thursday, 1 September 2011

How to handle a tween /teeenager

While eating our dinner in town I had this conservation with J... he's 12 going on 40.

"Have you ever sworn at school?" I asked.
Stunned silence.

"Well? There is no point in lying to me!" I added.
More stunned silence.

"I know enough people to tell me" I quipped.
J just sat there with a look of amazement and bewilderment.

"Yes " said J.
"Which words?" I adventured to ask.
"The F word is one of them...." said J now looking towards the door.
"Well DON"T do it again because..." and before I had even finished J chimed:
"Because you know enough people"
So there you are a investigating technique that actually works , now my child is not one of those who hangs on street corners and riots. He is a all out academic that plays every sport going and is the teachers model pupil. It is however social pressures around him that makes things change so I will be with him every step of the way to gently guide him in the right way. The next social hurdle is when he is 13 he wants to go on facebook.

And you must read this hilarious post about swearing ( Caution contains a swear word ) Thanks to In the Powder room for the link.


  1. I use the "Mummy knows everyone" technique. Not quite true but I do know a lot of people in our small village.My children are still quite young-my eldest is only 11 but in the small village where we live people talk-which I have found to be both a good and bad thing.Where my children are concerned I find it reassuring as I know that there are eyes and ears about when I am not. That said,my children in my opinion know better. I hope.

  2. Thank you for your comment . I know that J does know better its the social pressures that children are put under. I work in a school and a lot of the people I work with have children at his school and then I know childrens's parents who have children there. So there is lots of sets of eyes on him.

  3. Growing up in my family swearing was a terrible no-no. Even now when I hear other people swearing it makes me cringe and I look out for my mother, complete with wagging finger. As a teacher it was important to teach my pupils the importance of expressing their ideas in a clear, confident and articulate way. They'll get so much further in life. Peer pressure only lasts for a bit, whereas your influence will last forever. I hope all mum's inquire and ask like yourself!

  4. oooh thats a good technique. My children are still young so if they swear I can really only blame myself!! Thanks for linking up to Friday Funny. :-)

  5. I have a daughter of the same age. I reckon the start of Secondary School brings a whole new meaning to bringing up a 'tween'. My Daughter tells me NOTHING, that's my biggest fear. She is not on fb and won't be until she is 13....unless she has already set up an account and not told me!

  6. I like your tactic there..I am definitely going to use that when z is older! Mind you he behaves like a bit of a tween already some days!

  7. I have 2 boys, a 12 and a 14 yr old!! Believe you me as they hit secondary school it all changes, the peer pressure gets worse and they have more to worry about. I get the tell tales so I don't believe either of them to be honest as they will tell their own sides to the story and the truth will be somewhere in between!! LOL

  8. Thanks for sharing that, so basically I have to tell them I know lots of people and they will act guilty, maybe own up and not do it again?! Result!

  9. I love the "Mummy knows everyone" tactic but have never yet used it!! Thanks for the reminder. I will definitely be adding that one to my arsenal of available tools! xx

  10. Always used to tell my 2 that anyone could swear but it didn't make them clever. Strangely it works!


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