Friday, 5 August 2011

Mr Stink a day at the Lowry a Dirt Devil review

I was lucky enough to be chosen by Dirt Devil to go and have a play with their new vacuum cleaners as well as go and See Mr Stink at the Lowey along with J. Boys and stink just go together now don't they!. Myself and J were happy to go anything to avoid the brain drain of the summer holidays... this was very handy for me as I have a very fluffy cat that well fluffs everywhere. It would to have to be a high quality hand held vacuum so Mr T didn't have to go to work looking like a fluffy Om pa Lumpa.  I wouldn't want that  now? (Mr T is quite short think Richard Hammond and you've got it!)

Getting to Manchester was easy enough and then there was the Metro link, well after asking the lady at the coffee shop( She sounded like a James Bond villain, The gentleman at the information desk who had no Information what so ever and finally the other railway gentleman who was scurrying to go on his break who finally did help us.

I have never been one for that feng shui stuff. You'd probably look at my house and think I've got six feral children running around . You'd probably think I run a zoo , I only actually own one child, a husband and two cats.( One of which did try and kill me). I admit I should spend less time on the computer, I am going to do that this summer,balance family life with blogging etc. My mantle piece did  look like a freaky stalking duck shrine sadly no picture you get the idea). Well it does no longer look like that after I sneaked those three cleaners in!.

So here we have the Dirt Devil blogging event .

The talk given by the informative gentleman from Dirt devil  about their company background,  also their new products with Mircoban.

So after  Mr T saying  I really can't hire another cleaner( Boo Mr T) I was jolly glad that Dirt Devil let me take home to keep (and to lovingly caress )  a handheld vacuum cleaner.

We are a firm believer in this household if you make the mess you clean it up. So I got Rollie to clean up all his cat fluff and I think he made a superb job of it , don't you?

The hand held Devil Devil DRC001 

  • It is Wall mounted so you can keep it charged for optimum performance.

  • It is Dirt Devil's most powerful handheld.

  • The attachments that are included are the Motorised Intense Turbo Brush ( be sure to keep long hair tied up if you are using this attachment) Also a dusting attachment and crevice tool.

  • The Motorised Intense Turbo Brush is particularly useful for picking up pet hair as Rollie the cat can vouch for.
  • It is the only handheld vacuum in the UK that comes with Mircoban to help kill harmful bacteria in the dust canister and boasts an easy disposal system with a one-press canister removal.
  • Coat £59.99 available at Argos, Tesco and all good retailers.
I think the only thing I would love to see added to this product is the crevice tool to have a dusting brush you can slide down (like on other vacuum products I have seen)

So far so good with hoovering up the cat fluff. The next mission was to hoover out the car where no man/woman or cat dares to go IE no one can be bothered to lug the heavy vacuum out to it. So this was the ideal candidate to battle the mud and dust left by the rugby,football and cricket season. Not to mention having to eat on the go because of these events. This is ideal for using in your car for keeping on top of your cleaning.

Mr Stink is based on the popular Children's book by David  Wallaims, the Little Britain Star) and is touring the UK during 2011.

Mr Stink is a wonderful heartfelt interactive fun show  ( through the scratch and sniff book you scratch at various points doing the show). Suitable for ages six and up , this show has enough  going on with it to hold an older child's interest. Full of life lessons, it would suitably fit into the class room within a teaching capacity for Junior school children. The show is engaging and beguiling full of pongy glory, the star turn came from Peter Edbrook  as 'Mr Stink ' .

There are going to be some fabulous Christmas shows coming to the Lowry such as The Snowman ( which I believe is part of a child's Christmas , it was for me ) also Scrooge. I had never been to the Lowry before this and after this exquisite show I shall be taking J and Mr T along to a show.

So go visit Dirt Devil they really are nice and have lots of tips ( sadly no fashion tips ) to match  you with the appropriate cleaning appliance for the job. 

It was an extremely well run bloggers event where you were listened too not only by the PR people but other fellow bloggers who I was honoured to meet.. The children were taken care off no request was too small.

Disclosure (Dirt Devil invited me to the event where I got to see products reviewed, see Mr Stink, have some sandwiches and a glass of wine  and oh heck I forgot to have the Fruit cake . Also I got to take home a handheld vacuum to test and review. I was also given £40 pounds towards travel costs.)

I just remembered I did have cake which I bought before the show and it was rather delicious too.

Please check out this Dirt Devil competition below if you are a blogger.

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  1. Oooh it's my back in the 3rd pic down lol.


  2. And what great shoes they are too x

  3. Love your disclosure :) he he

    I don't have fluffy animals in my home but my 3 0-4 year olds (and one reprobate 33 going on 3 year old other half) make more than enough mess!

  4. Fabulous detailed review and I'm very pleased to see Rollie now knows how to use the hoover! I shall be giving my kitty hoovering lessons very soon, if Rollie can do it, so can kitty! (I'm rather bored of housework and it's about time someone else took over) The Lowry is a fabulous place to go isn't it. Not far from me either really! Glad you enjoyed the trip out!


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