Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My first guest post

My friend who has a blog over at asked me for some tips on her little one starting school. So I rattled off a few tips to her , a bit nerve wrecking as I had never done a guest post before. I have to admit it was rather fun and its pushing my blog in a another direction that I wish to go .

So please go visit my guest post and comment and please have a poke around in her lovely blog as well, she wouldn't bite. Though she might get a little cross if she has just stepped bare footed onto some Lego (ouch)

You will also find her twitter and is not fruitless with her tweets, she tweets with reason and a purpose and that's really how it should be.

You can find her on twitter as @Aresidence

She is rather nice and her name is Penny , I however have not asked for her political view on fairies!

She has promised to come up with some secondary school tips which I shall be reading.

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