Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Forgiveness ... Do you? would you?

A conservation reared itself today which made me upset and think back to a conservation I had with an old boss.

Working in a schools its hard nigh on  impossible to get time off only for deaths ,family emergencies etc.

So a few years ago when my Nan died I had to arrange the funeral, family matters made it impossible for my mother to do this. So I went to my boss at the time and asked for time off to arrange the funeral and to grieve . Her response to this was NO you get one day off for the funeral and have to be back in work the next day. My Nan lived over 250 miles away in Kent , so I had to arrange the funeral for half term, leaving my Nan in the morgue as a connivance to my boss at the time.

So can I forgive my old boss for this in away No its always there but I can respect the qualities she did have , even if humanity at the time was not one of them.

So could you forgive a situation like this, we all make mistakes don't we but our some mistakes too big to forgive for?


  1. If it was me I wouldn't have been able to forget as I was so close to my Nan(she was like another mother to me) luckily she lived close and I saw her at least once a week.I would have took the time off and stuffed the consequences,but Im very impulsive like that (not a good thing)
    Yes some mistakes are just too big to forgive,time does help you forgive sometimes but not forget.

  2. Gosh that is a bad situation to be in. What a shame they couldn't give you one more day. They are so lucky you are an honest person and didn't just go sick. I think I'd find it hard to forgive too in that situation.

  3. I'd have been looking for a new job. I worked in a school when my son was being assessed for Aspergers and got time off at the drop of a hat quiet a lot I just had to make it up


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