Sunday, 16 October 2011

Funny things that children say

I thought you might like to see this blog post again as it tickles me how funny children can be!

Please believe in Fairies

On my train journey down to London on a blogging mission me and J sat in a quiet coach or so we thought. There was the lovely fluffy granny with her two grandsons awwh. J was quietly playing his electronic device or reading . I was worrying about weather I would make it through dodge city =London. The little boy came starring over J's shoulder by standing behind him, this wound J up but he and I were too polite to say anything. And then it all cracked off Little boy to Granny

Little boy " If you say you there are no fairies then a fairy will die"

Granny " But you just said it"
Little Boy" I said IF you said it"
Little boy "Also if you say, you believe in fairies then a fairy is born"

At this point the little boy's older brother jumped it and swearing my journey, couldn't get any worse he decided to chip in.

Older brother"I don't believe in fairies!"

Well that was it wasn't the little boy snapped ....

"Fairies are real . I believe in fairies"
So this continued for an hour with the two brother toing and froing believe me the mood I was in once I got off the train I would have sorted any rioters out!. The first half of our journey the little boy as you read earliar was staring over J's shouder.

(Photo courtesy of @Mummybarrow who blogs at and this is proof fairies exist especially at the bottom of your garden because she has a door in her tree for them )
So please for love all things magical fairies do exist it may just save a rail passenger from losing the will to live.
Fairies are a very important of children's lives especially little girls so please read this lovely blog post from Inside the Wendyhouse

So if you are going on a long trip or on a train with little ones please please for the sanity of you and perhaps those around you please take the things they love with them and will keep them amused and not drive (me ) or you up the wall!


  1. my son said to me: "do you like doughnuts mummy"
    Me: "yes darling"
    Son: "is that why you are called Cheryl doughnut?"
    Me: "no, it's Cheryl Dawn sweetheart!"

    This made me laugh so much!


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