Friday, 14 October 2011

Morphy Richards Slow Cooker review with Keevil and Keevil Wild Boar sauasges in a SCHWARTZ mix!

Yes I am going to burst your bubble,crush your dreams make you cry hopelessly destroy your childhood dreams . Please don't cry and I am sorry I don't do a counselling service.

Remember when we were a child and were really really excited when you lost your teeth and put them under your pillow at night. You went bananas when you woke up , it was like Christmas morning. Lifting up your pillow just to see what the tooth fairy brought. It usually was some coins  a sweet note hand written of course by the tooth fairy. As all little children as inspiring capitalist they are really more interested in the cash, I have yet to find out if Lord Sugar or that lot off Dragons Den started their business success in such a manner. I have always strongly believed and was totally convinced that the tooth fairy existed and I wasn't a believer in the Toe nail fairy until until my son J told me otherwise or conned me into it. Thanks J .

(copied with the owners permission)
When you are a children life is always so much simpler and magical days are endless and time doesn't exist. .Well its about the "Toe Nail Fairy" I am sorry it doesn't exist it was a clever ploy by J when he was 5 to con me out of cash on holiday.We were on holiday in Spain and one of his toenails had come off, he swore blind if there was a tooth fairy there had to be a toenail fairy.

He is 13 now and yes he is still conning me out of cash because he really really needs that avatar on his PS3.

All this of course lead to my believe in the slow cooker fairy who is a compete and utter well angel basically. I may not be blessed with culinary skills but I am learing fast and may give jamie Oliver a run for his money.

I am in love with my new Morphy Richards Slow Cooker.

Going into my Slow cooker was Keevil and Keevil Wild Boar and apple sausages.

I used a SCHWARTZ slow cooker Sausage and Bean casserole mix.

Jack Black doing his Oliver impression. No he didn't get any!.

I added the sachet to a can of chopped tomattos and also added some Pinto beans.

I added the sausages which I had browned into the slow cooker along with the onions.

The slow cooker was ready for me to serve up the meal.
The meal served up I will work on my potato!!!

And one blog that I will be definitely heading over to his the Madhouse where Cheryl the slow cooker fairy lives. She has a very extensive blog about many different things but if say you are looking for slow cooker recipes just type it into the search bar on her blog.

And who'd have thought you could make yogurt , yes yogurt in a slow cooker . Well head over to and you will find out how you can . A brilliant blog from a lovely Gran called Elaine with information on cooking with food if you have allergies her blog is a must read.

Disclosure( I was sent these item(Slow Cooker, Sauasges, mix) for review except for the toenail clippings those you provide yourself)


  1. Fab cartoon!! Your sausage casserole looks great...although I am imagining that they are Quorn sausages!!!

  2. we had meat free linconshire sausages tonight, blog post coming soon!!


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