Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mr T relives his memories and makes me go on a walk in Charnwood Forest

Well after my first attempt at trying to find the place of my childhood walks, I found it second time round. It seems that Charnwood Forest covers a large area of Leicestershire, 67 square miles and of course that will include a lot of hills. So for me to find it with so little information from the past, and not wanting to go and ask the one person who would know, my Dad, because I would look such a fool, I think that it was great luck. The place Beacon Hill near Coalville. My memories of the place was a hill with a plinth on top. The surrounding area was clear, not many trees away from the actual wood itself but the views were great.
I remember walking through the woods and coming out to the view of the hill in front of us, which as children must have looked like Everest. I know that over the years things would have changed, trees and plants grow plus car parks built. With is in mind I took my family off to holy place of mine.

I had studied the maps of the country park and pick a car park near to the actual Beacon hill (Upper car park). On arrival I found out that the upper car park was just that. Upper meaning a few hundred yards away from the top of the hill. OK I know that means that I would miss out on reliving my childhood memories but you have to think about the kids, the wife and the car ride home. We set off from the car park, up the hill to take in the views from the top and boy they were great. The countryside around the hill was breath taking. Looking back to the past they had changed, more house and factories to see but that is life.

On your arrival there are lots of walks you can do around the country park. The woodlands are full of life and I remember that this place was the first and only place I had ever seen a woodpecker in the wild, so I could not believe my eyes when within half an hour we had seen one. What did my son say, I have not seen that one on TV for a long time and yes he was talking about Woody the woodpecker!! The walks themselves are very easy. We saw lots of small children running up and down the hill and even if you could not keep up the pace there are loads of sits around the place to take a rest. It this point I better point out that Beacon Hill is the second highest point in Leicestershire at 804 feet.

Once again I took out my camera and took some pictures of this place that holds so many memories for me.

The last picture above shows the hill now covered in trees and other plants etc, but for me I will always remember it as I did as a kid, bare from top to bottom.

Well to that one picture That I aim to get. What is it this time? Is the woodpecker, or some other wild animal walking around? Well may be. Just take a look. I came across this animal just sitting there all on its own. It was not a set up I truly did just come across it.

Crazy frog was just sitting there.

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  1. Mr T. From the age of 12 to 15 I lived in the Lodge that was slap bang in the middle of the forest. It was the one with the huge paddock and the stables. I was wondering if you know how I could get hold of any old photos of it. I'm now 47..


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