Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Only Child... must be a spoilt brat then!

I am an only child, my son is a only child and guess what my mum was an only child. Yet my husband is one of 7 and he is the youngest.

My husbands' One Sister and his four brothers.

The photo above doesn't show my husband and his other brother they were yet to be born. So I have one child does that really matter I have still haven't got past the stage of people asking me. And people I work with are having babies every two minutes. i don't have a longing to create the Von Trapp family I am happy with what I have got and that is that. I don't have to justify myself to society 2.4 children, neither do I long for a girl and if you read all the papers at the moment that means I wasn't stressed when I conceived etc, I must have been relaxed I had a boy!. I like children after all I work with them but I don't have the urge to go and create again not thats me done. 

  • So my child does not have poor social skiils he's a bit quiet but he's not Captain of the Rugby team for nothing.

  • Academically he is a the top of his year group despite being a slow starter due to Glue ear and other medical conditions.

  • Just because my child doesn't have  have that peer interaction at home with siblings, he still  gets a lot of opportunities to develop social skills at school. I know this as I have just paid £1300 for various trips next year. And he is a member of every club going!

So I am happy with my lot and my life I have my family and that is all the matters.


  1. My daughter is an only child and I have worried about her feeling lonely.

  2. At the moment my son is an only child and he is a happy, sunny boy with amazing social skills. He is only 18 months old but people always comment on how interested he is in other people and how engaging he is. We hope that he won't be an only child but if he is I'm almost certain he won't lack any social interaction!

  3. Squidge is very social, has fantastic manners and a good disposition. It's just in her nature. What I worry about is her sensitivity to injustice- towards her or others. I think life will beat it out of her. If she had sibs they'd beat it out if her so in the end it will even out... I hope!


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