Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Asthma Attack a silent killer part 1

I am having to write this in several parts as I don't wish to bore you ...

Last Thursday I had a asthma attack and ended up in A & E an experience I do not wish to repeat I have one life and wish to keep it for long as possible and die due to stupidity at my own hands.

I have had asthma since a child really but it just got dismissed really , it wasn't till my late teens that I got taken seriously. I had inhalers and was pretty much alright though horses have and always well set me off. Now as I was young and naive and say you do you think that you know best when you are young. Though I got older I discarded my inhalers thinking I knew better. Of course I had asthma attack but I just flung myself out of the window , well not all of me of course just my head and that seemed to do the trick. But my asthma got worse over the years I ended up in Skegness A & E on a nebuliser as I had booked us a stop on yes you guessed it a horse farm. Add in a few more hopistal free years and a couple more asthma attacks and you are up to speed, frightening isn't it my life in just a few short sentences ! The next instalment will be of course the asthma attack , there may be some political observations of of course lots of praise for the NHS and some criticisms too.

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  1. Glad to read you are back out of A & E and are writing about this. Asthma runs in my family and killed one of my mum's relatives years ago when treatments were not so affective. Unfortunately asthma now affects two of my three children and it has been so bad on occasions that we have had to get emergency treatment for them. Frightening. I have found that many people don't undertand how serious asthma can be and how it can kill. Time to raise awareness, I think. Deb


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