Monday, 28 November 2011

Blog Comments!

So you are a blogger, you may not be word perfect. Your blog is out there and you are doing it for you , you must remember that. After all you can take part in countless Meme's its all good fun but when the dust has settled after your fun what are you left with?.

I try and balanced my own blog with more posts these days about things that matter to me such as education, autism etc. Do I get comments do I heck , well a few . Does this bother me well actually it does. I have had countless great advice that comments don't matter you are blogging for you. Well I am sorry I am blogging for more than me, I do hope that what I say occasionally matters. And I hope that on occasion people might say you have really helped me, which they have on the odd occasion.

 Some blogs quite rightly so gets lots of comments are and hugely popular because they are great blogs. I do wonder if a great blogger wrote a piece say about how ' they  hate grated cheese in sandwiches' would they get lots of comments. I may be bleating on but it's my blog and it's my rules now isn't it?

I have come to realise that asking people to comment on my blog in order to enter a competition is wrong for me. So excuse me while I go off and right my next blog piece after ' How I hate grated cheese in sandwiches'

Rant over for now.....

Ps. Pop here so you can learn how to comment on not just this blog but others if you don't know how !


  1. Hi Claire

    I think sometimes the problem is also "how" people post a comment. I often shy away from having to log in with an ID because I cannot remember it or it is in a format I don't have, such as blogger or Wordpress, Livejournal, AOL, Typepad etc. That might put people off.

    I am tempted to write a blog post about grated cheese sold in bags, though. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Some of my posts get comments, most do not. I now they are read though as I watch the stats. Or I get a comment on twitter. Really for me it is knowing I have said it and people have read it. I don't always feel a comment is important.

    Maybe many other people feel the same way.

    Not commenting is not personal.

  2. We all want comments on our blog ;) However, it took me years before we regularly started to get comments on my blog. Have you tried the following:

    - posting an amazing image and ask for ideas for a caption
    - commenting regularly on blogs you like (sometimes people return the favour)
    - building up a really good network of blogger friends


  3. It doesn't really bother me to be honest.
    I love getting comments and its nice to see people have taken the effort to write something, but at the same time, I rarely write comments either. Its not because I don't appreciate the post or article, its just that sometimes I find it uncomfortable to write on a strangers site, other times I don't have the time or i'm not sure what I want to say (I don't like just writing 'great article'!)
    So I don't take it personally if someone doesn't comment on my site either! YMMV

  4. What a coinceidence, I'm just in the middle of writing a post about how to comment on blogs, in the hope of encouraging more people to join in!

  5. my next post may well be about how to spell coincidence......

  6. You definitely get more comments when you link up to a blog hop or meme. I guess its a balance. I link up now if im inspired by the topic or if it fits with something I've written but i try to keep everything in keeping with my blog. I also comkent if I've enjoyed someone's post. I can't expect someone to comment in mine if I don't comment on theirs.

  7. Yeah, I get a lot more comments on my magpie monday posts than I do the rest of the week. I know there's people there, my stats say so, but there's times when I'd love to know they're not just my mum!

  8. I wondered about how many comments some of teh really big bloggers get, and to be honest I was surprised how few they get. One blog had over 6,000 followers on GFC alone but she only seemed to get anything from 10 to 40 comments on any of her posts, that made me feel good lol If I enjoy a blog I try to always comment and some of the people I have commented too do actually comment back whoo hoooo I love that interaction. I also make sure I answer every single comment I get, except on a giveaway as everyone says the same thing and there may be too many comments. If I have gone to the trouble to comment and happen upon that blog a couple fo weeks later and notice they haven't replied to my comment it kinda pisses me off and i won't comment to them again.
    Overall I wouldn't worry about comments, as long as people are reading your posts.
    Angela x


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