Monday, 21 November 2011

School trips the increasing cost now its the Olympics!

I am sorry that this is a rehash of an old post but I am getting hacked off with my son school. Now it is my choice to send him skiing at £750 and the rugby tour at £250 . Now he could have gone on a football trip at £530 to Alicante but thankfully he didn't want to go on that !. I have just received an email about him going to the Olympics ( a great opportunity I agree) but at what point do you draw the line.? If my son went on every single trip he would up missing a month of school.

Below is a insert of the email my son's school sent me!

'Dear Parent/Guardian,
I am writing to inform you of an opportunity to take 1 or 2 groups of students to the London 2012 Olympics.  This has come about from an invitation I received from Thomas Cook on Thursday specifically aimed at school groups.  As you can appreciate, this is a rare chance to witness some of the world's best athletes performing in our own country.
I am fully aware of the current financial situation and the pressures that your son/daughter place on you regarding trips etc.  Therefore I would like to gauge interest from you without raising student expectation  in the first instance.  Prices are based on a two day trip including coach travel, overnight accommodation, breakfast and tickets to two events.  The cost is £170 - £350 depending upon which days/events we choose.  The events are scheduled between 27th July and 12th August.
As these offers will book quite quickly, I would like a prompt response.  Please could you e-mail the following address by Wednesday at 18:00 with the information if you are interested for your son/daughter to have the chance to go to London 2012.
•·         Your upper limit of cost for the event
•·         Your son/daughters name and form (e.g.  Joe Bloggs 8BUR) AS THE MESSAGE SUBJECT'

Is this too much ?

What price do you put on education if you go to a state school. There is the constant demands from an early age for trip money. If you do not pay your child will suffer blah blah. Now this is hard enough in this economic climate if you have one child but one if you have more the pressures are even greater. Now J my son is a truly able sportsman

Now its been a constant ask all through his school life so far for trips,charity , school PGL but I was not prepared for the shook of the cost of senior school. Now J does not go to private school just a academy school but it s like private school. For the off there was trip after trip  first skiing, then cricket , three lots of rugby, singing . Now I am pleased my son is talented I really am but I felt the need to draw the line somewhere so I said NO to the rugby tour. He was a little crestfallen but he got on with his life, We all have to make sacrifices in this world.

Then came the school sports award night. J had already won various certifaces for academic achievement being best in his class etc glowing report etc. Model child, etc not stereo typical of Only
child syndrome. Well on the night he picked up award after award culminating in the sports personality of the year. Basically the teacher said if there was a tiddlywinks team he's be in . Now faced which this pride how could I refuse to NOT send him on the rugby tour. So another cost for me so far these trips total up as £750 for skiing, £120 for cricket, £350 for rugby not to mention £50 for another rugby trip ,£25 for singing trip and another £25 for another rugby trip . I try not to  add it up, knowing it is such a scary amount. And all this is before spending money, clothes etc. This is where i cam e up with a plan to sell stuff on that internet auction site. Good opportunity to clear out etc and help pay for all these trips. First up was Mr T's organ he didn't use it any more , it was just there gathering dust. I know it was hard but I just had to let it go.....

There you've seen it Mr T's organ, also I started selling his train set as well. All little amounts help, the school were puzzled as I started paying off these little amounts and indeed ring to ask me was this right. You do what you have to do so your child has a better life etc, but at what cost.?

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