Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Autistic children games

Now this really does depend on the level of autism but the other day I was play a simple game of  'stop and go' Purely saying 'stop' and 'go' to the child ( this is an autistic child with out much verbal communication if any ). They had such joy playing this game, we then went onto playing a different game  where I stopped at one wall they ran to another wall , I then called their name and they ran to me smiling and giggling.

You might not think you are doing much when you play simple games or do simples things but you are its all part of of the social process and it' s very small important step.

-  Maintain close proximity to child (2-4 ft.) to help keep them focused  Which is what I did when they ran to and from me giggling with such joy.

Another outside game to try is
-  Use two adults (one behind and one to guide his hands) to assist the child to catch
   and throw a ball.  Use a large soft ball, as it is easier than a smaller one. 

-  Games of hide and seek can be engaged in (using two adults - one to cover the
   child's eyes and take him out of the room and one to hide the object) if the child
   has come to realize that objects exist even though they are hidden.  The assistants
   must help the child search for the favorite item and searches must be very brief.
-  Include these children in very simple games with peers for very brief periods of
   time during outside play or PE  times. 

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  1. I totally agree. Many autistic children have difficulty with social skills. Even simple card games are teaching them valuable skills like how to get along with friends and interact with others. Things other children do naturally have to be learnt by autistic children and they often find them hard.


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