Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Domestic Violence

One should never suffer this but many women and men, children are scared to speak out on this. I often wonder to what ends my life would have been different I had spoken out as a child?

 I don't suppose I can't say much there is probably some legal ramifications if I do?

All I can say until someone tell me otherwise I suffered this growing up  not just from my father   suffered but at the hands of my Bi Polar mother also physically and verbally.

Will this put people off my blog .. unsure ... probably

Don't suffer in silence when it comes to Domestic Violence

It's heart breaking when you parents divorce but when your father just wants to take your cat that's just odd, mind you it was a rather cleaver cat with loyalty of a dog unquestioning , so that's probably why it suited my father.

I have put this emotions into a box yet the box is always in danger of opening .. yes its been a few years since these events.

But please think on if you moan about your mum interfering with your daily life or your dad going on about the price of things again.

Do I regret my way of life now .. not really you have to get on with things don't you.


  1. Things were so different a long time ago though, and who would you have told? Other family members might not have wanted to know what was staring them in the face and our teachers only concerned themselves with academic matters rather than looking at the 'whole-child'.
    Things have changed now and children are encouraged to speak out, staff are trained to spot & deal with care and welfare issues, Children are educated about seeking help and using Childline etc but sadly, there will still be some who slip through the net.
    I bet you shed a few tears writing this post. Well done for opening your heart. These early experiences will have shaped your life but I bet they have helped you to be alert for tell tale signs in those around you. Stay strong girl! take care

  2. I think if this post puts people off reading your blog, then they are probably not the sort of people you want to read your blog anyway.

    I kept my emotions in a box, safely locked away. The first 18 years of my life were a write off. I survived and felt I did pretty well. Until 6 months ago when I met an amazing man called Trevor who set up Cognitive Hypnotherapy. And we opened the box. And I realised, along with that experience, all the other experiences in life I might have enjoyed were also in that box. I had not been living but surviving (sorry for the cliche)

    So one day, I hope you have someone amazing to open that box, and help you file that stuff away problem so it doesn't hurt any more and so you can truly enjoy life in the same way as I do now.

  3. I'm sorry that happened to you. But like Kate said, things were different then and violence was an acceptable form of discipline. We just have to take whatever we have been through and let it tun us into the best parents that we can be ourselves.

    I used to have a cat that was like a dog too, she used to come and meet me off the school bus.


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