Monday, 23 January 2012

How Do you Get it?

I am very pleased to introduce a guest post from So Thank you to this lovely lady for doing this for me.

How Do You Do It?
We all get asked this question often enough. I know the answer to this question is quite simply, 'I don't'. I don't do it, if by 'it' you mean having a smoothly running house, an organised daily routine and perfectly behaved children. In fact I don't know anyone who does 'do it'.  From talking to friends, co workers and other mummies I know, it seems to me that we are all just doing the best that we can manage. Which in my opinion is pretty brilliant. Anybody who appears to be 'ding it', has to be lying!

Whether we work full time, part time, stay at home, our conversations usually involve stuff like, how we organise the school pick ups, child-minding or lifts to swimming? What meals are handy to make? What day is best to have an on-line grocery delivery? Because we are all like ducks paddling madly below the water to keep moving along.
The majority of days tick along ok. But then along comes one that just to make me hide under the duvet. The dirty nappy that leaks all over the car seat, the football gear that has been left in the car for 3 days and isn't ready for practice, or the announcement at 8.45am that their class is having a bun sale.

Of course things like this happen and I get really worked up. But not half as much as I used to. I think the realisation that I can't do it all has made handling parenting a whole lot easier for me. Part of how annoyed I used to get was worrying about what other people's views of me were, their opinions on my parenting. Now I honestly don't have to time to think or care about what anyone else thinks.  I know my children are happy and very well looked after and that is all that matters. Frozen pizza the odd night is not going to mean they see a therapist as an adult.

My children know I would never let them down and although it can sometimes be last minute they will  go into school with a costume for assembly or a plate of something or other for the cake sale. On the other hand they have gradually come to realise that they have to remember things like PE bags for themselves. This has to be good for them and their developing independence. (Well that's my excuse!)

I have people who often ask me how do you it, when they have seen something that I have made or something like that. But the reason I have made something or finished a project is because that is what I love doing. It makes me happy to spend my time like that. The time I spend to do these things is usually in place of something like housework, as it is not unusual to find me happily glue gunning in the utility room while ankle deep in washing. The washing gets done eventually, no one has had to go out naked yet, and I am a much happier person sitting smiling at some little daft thing I have made. 

If I were to 'do it' , I've no doubt I would have myself run ragged in a month. You would probably find me rocking in a corner gripping onto the after schools activity timetable. That is not going to happen, no thank you. I will keep my sanity, my frequently messy house  and by noisy but very healthy and happy children. The world will not implode because I forgot to return a permission slip. 

So the next time someone asks you how do you 'do it?' You can smile smugly with the knowledge that of course you don't.


  1. No kids here but still struggle to work out how people manage to do everything. I work in an office and I'm always rushed in the mornings, I look a mess, and others are always in before me sat working away looking amazing and without a hair out of place. I might not be able to "do it" successfully but who cares? Like you say, the world will not implode just because you forgot a permission slip, just like the world won't fall apart if I didn't brush my hair yet.

  2. Nice post - No such thing as Superwoman sshh don't tell anyone x

  3. Gorgeous photo :-) thought provoking post

  4. I love this post. As someone who recently spent a whole day waist deep in paper mache trying to make a Giant Peach for book day whilst the house continued to look like a bomb site, I'm totally with you on doing the thing you enjoy and not worrying too much about the rest.


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