Friday, 20 January 2012

Our engines are on fire .. Will you please exit the plane......

Now when I travel let's me honest I am usually plagued with some trouble of other believe me if there is a travel disaster to behold I am there. One holiday woe was my honeymoon you know the one where you are whisked off into the sunset on a romantic jaunt not leaving your hotel room. Well mine started in disaster there we all were sitting on the plane ready for takeoff to Toronto Canada .  The trolley dollies had already done their safety talk exits are here , here and HERE. You listen with half an ear because you know nothing is ever going to go wrong on your flight. You are just busy looking through the duty free magazine looking at the stuff you can't afford. or you are jostling for space with the passenger next to you

We heard a click, clunk and rattle and a half hearted roar and the Captain announces over the the air" The smell of oil will dissipate in a minute, We will try the engines again"

So the Captain turned the key again to start to plane  and rev up his engines  more clunking , rattling and what's that I see black smoke wafting across the window. Now at this point I wasn't worried I just hate plane takeoff they scare the pants off me , once I am in the air I am fine.. sort of.

The Captain voice comes over the air " The Control tower has informed us our engines are on fire, please Do not panic and exit the plane in a calm fashion...." And so started my honeymoon with the engines on fire  and all the plane passengers were calm to be fair. We followed the lights that come on in emergencies and went to the appropriate exits. The doors were opened and We were met with all the emergency services under the sun. So   I calmly slid down the inflatable emergency shoot to be whisked off to the safety on an airport lounge.

We waited hours in the lounge will they figured out what to do with us they fed us sandwiches and drinks etc. We were then ferried off to the Metropole in Brighton for the night whilst they organised another place it was my honeymoon night. We were all standing in the line and some Canadian lady pipes up " Surely all the English people can go home as they live near"

Well I just flipped my new husband gave me that look men give you when they don't want a scene . I gave the Canadian a polite piece of my mine and a quick Geography lesson of the Uk.  She backed down though now strangely her left eye was twitching .

We finally got to the checking desk  and just said" it's my honeymoon night I WANT A NICE ROOM please" What we ended up was David Blunkets room he had just checked out he had been staying there as it had been the Political Party Conference.

So of course we finally got to Canada and all was well. So When we went to Egypt this happened.......

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  1. I have flown out of Toronto airport twice. On both occasions my flight was delayed so severely that I had to be put up in a hotel overnight. I choose not to go there any more! Mind you at least I never had to evacuate the plane!


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