Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hurrah I won cleaners

Now keeping your child or teenager amused in the holidays in indeed a hard task. In this day and day when families are trying to live more frugally and you are counting every penny. Mr T  has just about forgiven me for  hiring a cleaner for the afternoon which cost wait for it £72.. I was rather gobsmacked at the cost because I thought it was £12.00 an hour but what I didn't factor in was the troop of cleaners that turned up on my doorstep (equated to 6 hours cleaning). You see there was three of them and they were here for two hours. Do you  think I  was has bamboozled? All I know that the cleaning gave me a bench mark to work from as my house is now tidy. Mr T says you live and learn , I was really tempted to get them back and clean my kitchen . Mr T has now furnished me with some more cleaning products after muttering it was half his overtime. I think he was just a bit  annoyed because it meant he would have to wait for his new camera. He has two cameras already but this is a camera you can put in your pocket. ! And T does like his gadgets which I will now have to dust myself.

But wait recently I won a team of cleaners for the day.. So in my mind I have saved £72 pounds. So I can treat myself to something can't I ?... Like a new rug for my sparkling new Front room....

My new Mocha Choca front room
Now the meer cat is my sons not wishing to eradicate all off the ... tat  I mean quality items. I will sneak it out in a while someone.. The only problem is I have one room tidy  whilst i am sorry to say my dining room is now crying out storage storage storage...

Oh yes stylish isn't it.....
So any helps and styling tips for my dining rooms are most welcome.

So one day I will be a domestic goodness oh yes my time will come won't it..?

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  1. A team of cleaners is my dream. I might be very sad and ask for that as a present some birthday!


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