Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"Bloody Squirrels"

"Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man,"  is  meant to a Jesuit saying and it's one I remember from My History A level when I was knee deep in seventeenth history  getting to grips  with the likes of Richelieu. But like most quotes , it is often misquoted and the real words and meaning lost in time.

But this does have a true sentiment at its  heart you are actually guiding your child from the day they are born. Not sure if we would call it moulding as you have to allow free choice as they grow up. The choices and actions you make as parents etc go a long way to shaping the character of your child.

So for example don't get wound up if you have a cross word with your child just sit down and talk about it , when you've all calmed down. They will come to know that situations can be resolved by talking.

So its this week I celebrate  my blog anniversary and my son talking.. puzzled aren't you? Well its one year since I started my blog and ten years since my son started talking. Why is that monumental ? You see my son is thirteen now and didn't start talking till he was three and a half. And his first words were "Bloody Squirrel" So if you would like to see the story behind it you can click here. And you will see whilst that event shaped my son into the happy go lucky albeit still shy teenager today. yes we still have the problems that teenagers bring knuckle dragging, untidy room fridge raiding.

So I shall pat myself on the back to the fact I have done a good job with my child . I must go as I have to wash to football kit, rugby kit, cricket clothes.. you get the picture don't you?

Washing rugby kit
Washing rugby kit.


  1. Congrats on the first year mega congratulations on getting through thirteen years of raising a son. Mine is 17 on Sunday along with his twin sister. He has just left the house dragging knuckles and lip late for college and raided the fridge as he went.
    Arelation of mines daughter spoke first when she was 4. Her first words were "Be quiet!" I think there is some great wisdom in these first utterings!

  2. Wow well done on a whole year of blogging, may there be many more! :) haha had a right giggle at your sons first words! xx

  3. Excellent. My two grandsons had glue ear. Both had enormous difficulties but now both are doing incredibly well too.


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