Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Parents stress

 Though everything is alright now back when J was a toddler it wasn't it was pure hell.  It went beyond the normal toddler tantrums because of his glue ears , he also had other issues to deal with as well . We never had him assessed for autism despite exhibiting some signs of it. I suppose we had so much to deal with at the time we just didn't think of it. I would regularly have to call my husband to come and back us up when J was having a melt down. And these melt down often happened as you've guessed it when I was out shopping with him. This also happened at Nursery when he  frequently refused to come in inside.
I used to have to put a harness on him and then attach that t the D rings on the push chair just to keep him from running off.

This recent episodes were a toll on my mental well being and it was very stressful at the time, also when J was a baby my husband spent many weeks either in hospital on at home due to a back injury and I couldn't get any help from any one. To make matters worse when the toddler trouble was kicking off my husband again was ill with E-coli in hospital and nearly died. So J 's early years were very fraught and I wonder did I do my best and could I have done more  ?


  1. as parents we always will wonder the what ifs and maybes about how things could have been different but its always best to remember there is no perfect way to parent and even when things don't go to plan or when looking back you wish things had been different your best would always of been good enough xx

  2. You are right .. Parenting does not come with a rule book , x

  3. You did the best you could at that time, with the circumstances and resources you had at that time. When you look back, you might think you could have done things differently but you are looking with the benefit of hindsight which is a wonderful thing. You have come through these tough times and they have shaped part of the way you are today. Being a mum is tough and whatever you do, you will always wonder if it is enough. Be proud of your coping mechanisms and draw on your experiences to face any future challenges which come your way. x


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