Tuesday, 15 May 2012

#Cybher.... Bearing all

Yes I went to Cybher ,  yes I had fun. Yes I got shy , Yes I got lost on the way to my hotel room and of course I ended up on the wrong train home.

Pretty in Pink

I had my nails painted a very pretty pink !

Pretty in Pink
Pretty in Pink

Blue Peter Style 

It all started with me challenging my friend to find some scissors so I could glue the QR codes onto my business cards and thrust them at everyone at Cybher  , like a very excitable chocolate Labrador!

Sticking on my own QR codes Blue Peter Style.

This  isn't quite what Typecast meant by making your blog post sticky !

Fried Eggs

This is the mighty meedja posing with her leather satchel at Typecast talk "Meet a Blogger Geek" the fried eggs swung it for me.


No I tell a lie I am writing this now from a blog which has its own vanity URL which is now www.ninjakillercat.co.uk 

And this is proof that a Blogger can learn new things and here is the very proof my blog. Dare I say it I had wobbles about being with Blogger before as everyone else was going self hosted on Wordpress. But you don't have to follow the rat race and jump ship to Wordpress if you are happy with blogger stay with Blogger  and I am . Its just that a Vanity URL makes my blog look as they say more 'Proffessional' and posh! I have a sense of belonging a sense of being me! And I did getting a little stuck doing it but a little phone call to Go Daddy phone line suited in all out within half an hour.

Thumbs up

I loved SuperLucky (Di Coke) with Sparked and Fuse on how to run on line competitions. I have to admit I was in the front row waving like some crazed stalker fan. ( I am not a stalker and I DON"T troll Di's blog !)

I gave this talk a 'Thumbs up ' !

Ugly naked guy

"Ugly Naked guy from friends'

Like an episode of the Friends ' Ugly Naked Guy '  there was a man opposite my hotel room window .( semi naked I add)  who looked lie a cereal killer. Of course there was 4 of us consuming champagne which I had won for my great friend Di Coke video where she dressed up as a banana  I also wrote gushing words saying what and super and real friend she is! ( all true). But as for the true picture as they say "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"

And this was us four for after Cybher 


Our view  was 'Of a man similar to ugly naked guy from friends ( disclaimer no one is truly ugly we are all beautiful in our own way> cough). But as they say I have no intentions of invading any ones privacy etc etc etc

Baring all

I had also bared all at Cybher when I had my bra size checked , I remember the lady pleading with me and nodding her hair "saying you will go get your self a proper bra won't you " as I was lopping my upper ladies bits back in to my scaffolding! Put it this way #FF on twitter has a whole new meaning for me now !

Wrong train

I got on the wrong train home, not my fault i had asked several member of staff loads of time was this the right train. But when the train seemed to leave 10 minutes early I said "oh Are we leaving early then ?" To which I got the replied " No this is the 17.25 !"

I went into a complete panic but luckily the ticket person took pity on me and let me get off the train at East Midlands Park Way which is near my house also!

Grinning like a loon

Oh and this is me at Cybher do you recognise me as the over excited person that thrust a business card at you ?


  1. What a fab post!

    I remember - I did see Di tweet that guy's pic, but I think I *may* have been drunk!

    Your new url is fab, I so want to do that wish I'd gone to that session. Has Nickie done a tutorial do you know?

    And Meedja!! I can't believe I didn't speak to her, why didn't you introduce me? I didn't realise it was her!

    1. I can't believe I didn't realise it was you either! I should have Magpie Monday'ed that shirt before the event, that way I'd've been more recognisable. Good reason to get together again though!

  2. Awwh Sorry I didn't introduce you to Meedja ... ( slaps hand)

    Nickie has done a tutorial.. I'll tweet it up x

  3. Oh I missed out on Cybher, darn it! Looks a great day!

  4. We had so much fun! Thanks for the champers Claire! *hic*

  5. Haha love it! It was great to meet you, pre and post FF ;)

    1. Oh yes ...I was FF ing surprised at the discovery! ;-)

  6. It was lovely to meet you at cybher, i still need to find time to write my post about it. I am very intrigued about getting a blogger url as i love blogger and like you im not ready to go self hosted on wordpress,Please tell me more about these posh url's.
    Cat xx

  7. Looks like you had a really fab time last year :O)


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