Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lady Garden ... struggling with the inner monologue

Do you ever struggle with your inner monologue ? Do you ever think things and then just say them out loud? Have you well and truly put your foot in your mouth and then wished the earth would swallow you up? Now I am not a rude person I am really quiet friendly nice butter wouldn't melt and all that.   But every now and again  I put my foot in my mouth and make a fool of myself.  For example in one English lesson  way back in the mist of time when we used blackboards that requiered the use of chalk ,we were talking about crows feet. And I just chirped up and said to the teacher : "What like you sir ?"

Or again when I was in French and the teacher really hated me anyway said " You really haven't got a grip of French have you ?" To which I replied "Bit like you sir !" They were times when obviously my inner monologue didn't kick in *Shame that* Any way in the end I git a really high grade in French  so when ever you are sir " Eat my shorts"  damn I really wasn't meant to type that.

And as now I am a sensible adult  I think about what I say..  for example when I was a motorway service station heaving to the brim of football fans , innocent little grannies and the like . I noticed how nice the flora and fauna was and piped up to my husband whilst jumping up and down pointing like a woman possessed I screeched excitedly " LOOOOK that's how I want my bush trimming !" I was innocently pointing at a nicely trimmed bush..  its a sad state of affairs when topiary gives you such whispers this quietly * orgasmic pleasure*. My husband disappeared I found him vacantly staring at the sausage rolls in the shop.

So What have you said that you wished you hadn't ?


  1. I was once making a My Little Pony Castle birthday cake. Obviously it needed to be Very Pink but I could only find edible balls for decorating it in silver. So I asked a young man filling the supermarket shelf "Excuse me, do you have pink balls?" He ranaway without replying.

  2. Aww bless, we all have said things which we immediately regretted. When I was going through my British passport interview, the guy asked me how I knew our family friend who signed our paperwork, and I replied "I've been seeing him for years?", then said Oups, not what I meant. He couldn't stop laughing after that. I blame it on my pregnancy brain.


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