Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Lying to your kids .. would you ? should you ? linky

We perhaps all lie in some form of other to our children after all they are only kids once be it from the  tooth fairy to Father Christmas. Though such things as Father Christmas there is an element truth to it I am not going to go into the history of Father Christmas but there is truth to him  of course!

The real Father Christmas in  Lapland.

Mums aren't supposed to lie  -- ever. But, of course, we routinely do. Our fibs can be damaging  -- or not. It all depends on how and when we tell them.

Little white lies

I suppose its a case of how you justify them ?

I remember my son was younger was watching the Simpsons ( I know don't go there!) And there was one particular sketch that involved itchy and scratchy and they basically killed the three bear behind the door cartoon style and the blood seeped underneath the door. So as a result of this my son asked me what was going on! So I replied to my son telling him that itchy and Scratchy had hit the door too hard and made the 3 bears spill their pot of jam So basically I was telling him a white lie to protect him as at the time he suffered from night terrors.

Honesty is really dependant on your child's age, but don't lie about something that will come to haunt you in years to come.

.Another example of me lying *white lie * to my son is when it came to sponsorship for a charity run at school where the money is going to help an Orphanage in Uganda and Sixth former s from my sons school going out for four weeks to help and embark on new projects etc. So I sold a phone that I no longer required  and invented lots of people that wanted to help with the sponsorship of course there was real people on there. But the majority were invented I did this not becuase there was a competition going on to raise the most sponsership ( as there wasn't ) but of out parental love to give my son a boast of confidence after being bullied at school. So all I know that in this instance this *white lie * has helped him with his confidence *

I have set a linky up which I hope you will take part if if you so wish. It would be super if you could link back to me but its not law ( except in Narnia ). Bare with me as this is my first linky I thought I would do it about lying, bit of an odd topic to do on a linky but thats me ! I would like to keep the lies linky within the realms of childhood as interesting a your blog post is likely to be about your *white lies * to your husband/partner etc about where that pair of Jimmy Choos came from in your wardrobe !

So it could be  a white lie you were told as a child, or one you tell to your grand children etc. So I hope you will link up. When I figure it out I will think about a badge ! 


  1. OH! I have the most perfect post for this!

    1. Thank you ! I read it and commented just hilarious ! x

  2. I don't see how being economical with the truth is an issue in many situations. If you are trying not to hurt someone's feelings, that's only commendable. Does a heavily pregnant friend want to know she looks a mess? No, she needs a bit of white lies, and it doesn't harm anyone, in fact quite the opposite. There are so many situations in life when being truthful doesn't work, and anyway what it truth in one person's mind could be just a matter of opinion.
    Well done, Claire, on supporting your child, you are a lovely lady.

  3. Ahh great, just added mine.

    Anyone who says they've never lied to their children is lying! LOL


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