Monday, 18 June 2012

Stop the blogging roundabout ..!

Stop the blogging/social roundabout  I want to get off .. I don't really but I want to slow it down take time out for me discover my roots go feral and all that. So what's this all about ?

  • I enjoy linkeys but they are several I enjoy on one day so what do I do is it a case of Harry Hill and both linkeys have to fight it out?

  • Also on this day there is a photo opportunity I like to take part it so all in all on this day I would be posting three times!

  • I don't like to be publicly corrected in a condescending manner if you wish to correct me have some tact about it!
  • You don't have to have to justify why you are not following me but don't make some goobly gook up about it *sigh* ( yes it is a free world )
  • If I tweet something out please don't reply to me in some French philosopher extronalist way. I did study Satre and Descartes.

(not my youtube video but by watching it you get the gist of my feeling )
  • I must understand I can not be friends with everyone life is not a Disney film and 'Mary Poppins is a minx'
I fear that I am drowning in a social in a sea of social media and need to reign it in I say as I have now joined foursquare and instagram * head explosion*. I can not live in a life of #hastagsthatsisall!
I however will be prompting this post on a number of social media platform ;-) aww c'est las vie...


  1. That is my all time favourite kitty video, thanks for reminding me about it

  2. Oh how I understand thee! I am going through a phase of not caring at the moment. Not caring if I'm unfollowed, if I'm not following enough people, if there are not enough pageviews on my blog in one day.....arrrggh! Tbh, it's too much hard work and although I've cared too much on some occasions, for the moment, I am giving myself a break. I enjoy blogging and a good read of other blogs every now and again but I'm not getting involved with pinterest, google connect or whatever else is out there, I can't keep up! Facebook and Twitter is enough for me....there's a realy world out there too!!

  3. When it starts to become a chore, you have to remind yourself why you started a blog in the first place

  4. lol. i know, it's all so overwhelming sometimes. you feel obligations...and get sucked in

  5. It does reach the point where it's not fun any more. Even the linkies I love, I've had to take a step back from, there's no point having a family blog if you're neglecting spending time with your family in order to blog about them.

    As for reading other people's, well, that's slipped so far down the list, I can't even start to catch up. *hits the mark all as read button*


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