Sunday, 22 July 2012

Toys as heroes

For children their toys can be their heroes , I am not talking about the toys role within play. But who can it shape and guide their very lives from  emotional solace  to offering up hope. It is belief in our toys that can see us through some very dark times. As soon as a child is born many a teddy is thrust about them , they soon sort out which is their favourite  and other others are merely guest at the imaginary tea parties they may hold!

For my own son it was his toy rabbit  called "Bow tie bunny " that was his favourite who arrived one Easter Morning to guide him on an Easter Egg hunt around our house. It was the very same bunny he took on holiday with us to Center parcs with a label around his  Neck * Paddington Bear style * just in case he or more likely I lost it! And again it was the money who helped him through his endless trips to hospital for his operations  for glue ear and his countless blood tests and other medical traumas!

J with Bow tie bunny his hero!
What's your childs toy hero ?


  1. Many moons ago, when I was a nanny. I used to secretly buy a second "just in case" version of a favourite toy to make for an easy life. Now I am a mother have I ever followed this advice. No. I wish I had at times though :D

  2. my eldest (now 33) still has a mothercare panda that she wont part with. it is threadbare and repaired beyond believe but it went everywhere, even had to set a place at the table for it at times.
    2nd daughter (32) still has Dudley her grossly ugly my pet monster that has seen the inside of more hospitals than the average child!!
    son (27) was his ribbon edged cot blanket that went to hospital with him and again we still have it.
    what a photograph a blue phone box and a tram all in the one.

  3. ps the square green thing looks like the face of a cyberman

  4. Very nostalgic to read this post. Took me back to my own Just William obsessed childhood.


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