Monday, 13 August 2012

Wrapped around your little finger ...

Princess and Prince syndrome is probably en counted by every parent at some point in their daughters /sons life. From toddler tantrums to high maintenance teenage girls. it part of growing up and usually girls grow out of it.

When I dislike about "Princess and Prince syndrome ' is when girls turn nasty and manipulative even more so at a very young age of 6 . I encountered a situation where a group of girls where playing and one girl was very upset because she wasn't in the 'Gang' as the girl orchestrating the play called it. The word gang has many contractions mostly negative I hasten to add. It amounts to bullying in a word emotional bullying ., because the girl organising the play had given all those playing a sticker one girls sticker had fallen off. And as a result she wasn't allowed to play by the girl one had given out the stickers. I gently pointed out the errors of such play and that everyone should be allowed to play and giving out stickers at school creates such problems in the first place.

And aspect to "Princess syndrome " is the manipulation by little girls/ boys and often older ones to bend the will of the parents to their very will. From demanding chips and Candy Floss for breakfast and drinking fizzy drinks  I have seen everything whilst on holiday . It seems that parents and their daughters/sons  are in a vicious circle with no one stepping out of the circle to stop it. What I ate is seeing meals ordered and cooked and then child to hark " I don't like it ". It would seem that parents resort to the short sharp shock of the sugary snack to keep their child quiet.
Candy Floss for breakfast!

Do your children manipulate you ?


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