Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Cats are evil... well this one is

I never seem to get questioned on my twitter profile picture ever ..its either everyone knows me by now or   they just get I am bonkers. Well it is my cat , I am not in the habit of dressing it up but there was this one day and there was a Teddy Bear Chef outfit lying around so this happened....

Cat in a Chefs hat ( you see it all the time)

And its not evil because I dressed its up, it quite simply has no soul its like Victor Mildrew meets the grim reaper.

My Silver Tabby Rollie is evil, it really is look ... "Awwh " I hear you cry, please don't be fooled. It may look like a certain brand of cat food cat but is trying to kill me. Firstly it has a taste in fine food, it often brings home French Brie, Water cress and cheddar cheese. It also assassinated a whole host of bumble bees and the poor pretty butterfly didn't stand a chance. It sits by my the sinks looking at the sharp knives... but the worse thing it tried to do was gas us. No it didn't have a disagreeable meal it switched on the cooker gas. Hard to believe but true. I live in constant fear of Rollie the Ninja killer cat.

The death stare...

The Usual Suspects pose.

Evil cat will outstare you ...

Rollie ate his own eye holes out *true*
Cat laughing at you.

Evil and rude cat.

With a paw on the purse strings.

Evil wink.
When your owner drives you to drink.
Tea cosy wearing cat normal really.
This was actually for a competition which Rollie won it was shopping vouchers, the runner up was a chicken. I really am not barking mad at all....
Awkward owner and pet picture.
What can I say Rollie won a pet competition and I had to take it on holiday .. don't worry it stayed in a cattery and we just popped it into the hotel for this awkward looking picture. Silly thing wouldn't look at the goldfish...

I often wonder what its turning point in evilness was perhaps this ?

Cute Kitten in Santa hat.
( Rollie is happy to do this  well as happy as an evil cat can be .... mwahhhhh mwahh)

Rollie does this all in the name of treats ...


  1. He looks a fair size. Reckon he could take on a grown adult TBH... Especially with a weapon... Remind me not to pop round for tea with anything sharp on me! Lol x

  2. Hahahahaha. Love this post. I had a cat like that i was sure he was out to get me too! He is really cute though. Xxx

  3. Fab post, made me laugh! :) I think all cats have homicidal tendencies. I often catch my cat looking like she's plotting my demise!

  4. This made me laugh so much! I needed this today, thanks :-)

  5. What a fab cat and great pictures. x

  6. thanks for the laugh, hope you all enjoyed your hols, and I am the same my twitter and FB pic are both my ( now deceased) dog. did think about changing them when she died but people recognise it as me so why bother.

  7. ahh hes's adorable, thanks for making me giggle x

  8. Evil? We do all of those stuff and more. ALthough we didn't switch the gas on because we have an electric cooker. We'd say normal

  9. Loved this. Although Rollie does sound like my Patch rabbit. He's adorable but he attacks people.... He tried to take Jen out as a toddler! Jumped teeth and claws extended at Jens head, I had to push Jen over quickly. It's pretty sinister to see a cute bunny do something so mean

  10. He's beautiful but I'm terrified of cats!!

  11. Wow, your cats tolerant, my cat would kill me if i ever tried to dress her up in something lol he's gorgeous as a kitten :)


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