Friday, 7 September 2012

Learning train .. all aboard...

So what have you learnt this week ... ?

I have learnt that four year olds have their own agenda and the laws of the Cosmos need not apply.

"Can you eat some more please ?" I ask.

"I eat what I want to eat !" replies the child.

I have learnt that four year olds if they were in charge of countries problems then they would get sorted out quicker.

" Are We going in that classroom or NOT?" chirps one child
when  Reception are being told the plans of the day.

I have learnt that I DON"T like predictive text.

"Sorry my phone is having a ducky fit"

I have learnt that if you wait long enough things come back around.

Yep Dallas is back am I bothered .. no not really but I SO look forward to the endless tweets on twitter, if it floats your Stetson fine by me.

I on the other hand am waiting for the return of Magnum alas not the ice ream snack ... but the God that is Tom Selleck.

I won't hear a word against him * holds hand to your face *

Tom Selleck.

I have learnt I am not now going to a Champagne reception in London.

Fine by me, not keen on the stuff really anyway .. Takes ball home and says ner ner ner.

I have learnt to let it all hang out.

Worry not its not what you think I took part in a Google p**s  up hangout. Honestly there was no wine *sob*


  1. I guess he was a good looking man back then. I remember watching him in magnum PI and the. In the Three Men and a baby films and Friends. He def looks better with a tache x x


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