Thursday, 6 September 2012

Shoes bust

So at my sons school just the boys in his class were hauled up for shoe inspection and not the girls. They questioned him on his shoes and said they were borderline till they further inspected the soles of his shoes. He wears Clarks Bootleg shoes that do not look like trainers.

Boys Bootleg shoes from Clarks.

I like my child to wear practical shoes to school that stand up to the rigours of the school day football, etc ,dragging their feet along like Quasimodo under the horrendous weight of all their school books.

So I understand the need for tidy uniform that it instill good behaviour and all that.

But to single out just the boys in my sons class is just a tad ridiculous or as my son put it sexist.

If they are going to take such draconian measures its much fairer that the girls should have their shoes inspected as well.

I hasten to add this was not a spur of the moment inspection by the class teacher but the head of year and the deputy swooped on the class, perhaps someone was wearing white socks and sandals ? We are talking about teenagers here its not a drugs bust....

This is Year 9 we are talking about they are on the cusp of pondering their options taking their GCSES or what ever other exams the government choose to cook up ...

So please schools treat children fairly .... 

Come Parents Evening I shall be checking you are wearing the correct shoes...

This is not a private school but is in a way its one of those super duper academies you know the ones where you sell your granny to get into the school catchment area.


  1. Shoe inspections... What were they inspecting for lol x

    At my school we used to have to kneel on our desks to make sure our skirts touched the desk top ;)

  2. I'm all for school uniform don't get me wrong BUT I do think that the whole shoe thing is taken too far. It's actually quite difficult to even find shoes that meet with every school rule and I do wish they would take this into consideration. We had an issue last year where my son's shoes were deemed non-compliant as there was a piece of orange rubber on the sole. It was part of the label and could not be seen. To insist on completely black soles is extreme in my opinion! I was fuming! I stood my ground but it took lots of ridiculous and unnecessary phone calls between me and the head of year.

  3. Gosh! I hope our school never inspects my daughters cardigans, what with odd buttons and chewed up cuffs...

    It sounds very sexist indeed that they didn't inspect the girls' shoes too if inspect they must.


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