Thursday, 4 October 2012

Grey Conversation ...

The family dinner table the scene of well dinner and startling  intellectual strange conversations. Picture the scene ...

Son "Its my insert day tomorrow "

"Oh I didn't know" I replied ( either School hadn't told me or I had forgot ) and on that subject what can't all schools in the local area have them on the same day?

" Well I am here in the morning  then I have to go work and school so back later after my haircut" I told him in that way you nod your head as you speak making you look loony.

"What you having it cut again" piped up my lumbering bundle of joy.

"Oh mums having her grey coloured " chirped Mr T  he was too far away for me to kick him under the table . I gave him the evil eye though and the death stare....

"What Fifty Shades of Grey " chirped J in all innocence ( as he hasn't the foggiest what the book is about he thinks its about hair colouring!)

"No J that's another Story" I retorted.

I think I am going to punish Mr T for a few days .....


  1. As long as he continues to think that's what THAT book is about, it's all good. Bless.

  2. I'm just glad he thinks the book is about hair colouring! Let's hope he doesn't mention it at school in front of his teachers ;)


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