Thursday, 4 October 2012

Phobias, fears and foibles ...

My husband told me that J had watched a section of the Matrix in English within  my immediate reaction was was of oh no as The Matrix can be a scary film. The second reaction was should they be showing this is as they  are under age ? ( though it appears they only showed a non scary clip of this film it was in relation to how old tales are replicated in modern films)

Now J has always been for want of a better word sensitive to some aspects of life, its really hard to put my finger on it. But its little like this :

From an early age because of his ear problems he was always sensitive and on occasion quite highly strung as a toddler. There would be many a day where I would have to ring my husband because J was having a melt down. And then there was the countless times at nursery where he refused to go inside whether anything was upsetting him at nursery I didn't know but because of his slack of communication skills he couldn't tell me.

Another problem we used to have was J used to get very angry unless he had something to eat he was mildly sugar low coupled with anaemia.

Then as he got  older and the communication developed the fears started to creep in it started with "Wizard of Oz" and the flying monkeys. I really don't know how to explain it but it as if he doesn't like watching anything with a touch of reality to it. You can imagine the fun and games we have with Doctor Who and films like "Star Dust " will have him climbing up the walls. Though he loved Lord of the Rings and was completely obsessed buy it when he was younger. I think the problem is he struggles with if it can happen in a film it makes me uneasy/worried/scared and if it can't happen he's ok with it.

Going to town can be a challenge teenagers really don't like shopping at the best of times but J likes to plan the journey with great detail and will get edgy if you deviate from this path. We also have the sticking to of certain foods which can be ever so tricky sometimes at meal times you might think he's also burgers and chips this is far from the truth.

With all have our own phobias, fears and foibles ....

And as someone recently said to me "There are too many labels in the world"

Some situations don't always warrant a trip to the doctors if its they get in the ways of life to such a degree that you or those around you should perhaps go to the doctors. For now we are all ticking along fine.


  1. Flying monkeys scared me shitless when I was a kid. I had lots of irrational phobias. I remember some silly friends saying there's a bench in town with a dark spot on it, if you sit on that spot, you fall inside the dark hole and never come back to this world. Gosh, after that I was examining every blinking bench for a black spot. Or they also said (lovely friends, erm) that a hand might appear from the loo, grab you and take you in. Sounds ridiculous, but again I was careful to look inside the loo in case there was a hand lurking.

  2. It's funny how our fears and phobias change from when we are kids to adults. Some that terrify us as children seem silly looking back. x


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