Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pumpazing fun!

Pumpazing is a fun filled game from Drummond Park that will have the whole family involved.

It's hectic, breathless active fun with hilarious sounds for pre-schoolers.
Watch your zingers go flying with Pumpazing! It's a pass-the parcel style game where players compete to shoot colourful Zinger heads from the toothsome Zingy unit, by pumping his arms as fast as they can! Each Zinger launched makes a wonderful whizzy noise - but if the screeching buzzer sounds when you have hold of Zingy, it means you've lost a life!


Four coloured Zinger heads and Zingy.

Object of the game 

There are two versions of the game which you can play with Zingy one is the simple ' starter' version of the game, little children take it in turn- pass -the-parcel style - to pump Zingy's arms as fast and furiously as they can until Zingy shouts "Zing" or "boing" and one of the Zingers comes flying off. Then it's on to the next player as fast as they can! But if Zingy says :Uh Oh" as the Zinger shoots across the room, the player is out.

The person who hangs onto the most of his or her four lives ends up the winner!

Older children will enjoy playing the full version of the game, where they start of with an allocation of Zingy cards, depending on the number of children playing. But watch out, Zingy can't wait to catch them out when they least expect it, he's bursting to take away their cards! Because if Zingy says "Uh-Oh", they lose a card and they just never know when he's going to do it. Its a manic, crazy pump to the last with scream of joy and elation there will be frustration but then come triumph. The last player with a life card left is the winner.

The game retails at £19.99 and as ever is available from all good stockists.

Disclosure ( I was sent this for review all thoughts words and opinions are my own)

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