Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tea .. calms all evils ...*disclaimer this may not actually be true

I think ...

Wait a minute....

Don't go away ....

I have discovered...

That  Tea is the answer....

Tea is the answer ...

Tea is the answer to life and all its woes so instead of moaning  going all Jeremy Kyle on twitter I have thrown a tea bag in the mug. Now I know in time I will progress to a tea pot , which I do believe I have some where. The tea cosy well that the cat wears on its head.

NO NO I 've not had coffee today .

Have I needed it .. yes= children were chalking their friends teeth green and other stuff 4 year olds do, like trying to discover is Narnia really , really in the Welly shed . Sadly no otherwise I would have gone there years ago.

So Tea is the answer ... perhaps if George Osbourne had drunk some tea then maybe he may have not told us to tighten our belts so much. He may instead have told us to hang out tea bags on the washing line and dry them out again. You would salute him if he came up with that money saving idea wouldn't you ?

 So as my mind trips off to a happy uptopia I am drinking tea , tea and more tea if you see my eye twitching then I am back on the coffee and the world is going to end.


  1. I shall join you and your evil chef cat in a cuppa ;) #welldeserved

  2. Ha ha that made me laugh! I drink so much tea during the day that I spend all night on the loo! But it is definitely calming and I can't live without it!

  3. tea is the nectar from the gods. (as well as baileys). it's the truth.


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