Thursday 20 December 2012

The Grinch that stole Christmas!

My husband is dejected ...

The fun has been sucked out of his universe....

He is holding his head in his hands rocking slowly forwards and back..

The shocking crime has shocked him to his very core ..... his eyes portray the inner torment that swirls and twirls within his soul ... eating and tearing him apart.

Offerings of chocolate,biscuits wine or beer are pushed aside as he stares out onto the wintry night shaking his fist angrily at the sky.

How could anyone I ask you be so so cruel how .. I ask you how could anyone stoop so low.

To be honest I really think his Christmas faith has been destroyed I fear he's going to be like the Grinch except this time his heart is going to harden to Christmas not defrost to it. And if the Ghosts of Christmas past visit him well quite frankly he is going to smack them in the chops. A harsh reality I think you will agree but understandable when a heinous crime against Christmas is committed.

He came home in a foul mood last night you see , a man is a miserable mood after work is not unusual I hear you cry. But this was a unique incident you see they have decorated my husbands office and they are all rather proud of the office Christmas tree, which has been lovingly decorated. They have stuck peoples faces onto the baubles, much merriment has been had., tinsel has artistically been placed upon the tree. Its a work of art that wouldn't look out of place in the National Portrait Gallery.

Except there is one small problem ... someone has stolen the Office Christmas tree fairy...

The whole of the office is very upset at the crime that has been committed ... no one know the fate of the fairy. No ransom demands have appeared as of yet! They are pretty sure the fairy hasn't run off with the Nutcracker soldier as he is still on the tree.

Nutcracker soldier.

So in my husbands Christmas works newsletter they are pleading for the safe return of the fairy.

So if you see a lonely Christmas tree fairy shivering in the a shop door way with no place to go .. please please contact me as my very Christmas is at stake and my husband belief in Christmas at the moment is but a faint ember ..

Have you seen the Christmas tree fairy ?


  1. The word on the street is, the Fairies Union is locked in discussion over holiday season rates of pay.

  2. Lol, nice post. Hope the fairy turns up.

  3. Oh dear! I expect she is presiding over an Iceland turkey breast served up with chips, followed by a battered mince pie ;)

  4. Honestly - the depths some people will sink to... stealing the Christmas tree fairy. I hope she turns up soon and your husband can cheer up!

  5. what a beautiful piece of writing. I was being sucked further and further in, thought I was gonna read he had got made redundant.......Maybe she has been promoted and gone onto bigger and better things.


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