Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year Revolutions

Resolutions come and go , failing by the wayside people caught up in a moment of a lifetime of stored up regret, longing and wonderment. So why not break the mould and have a New year Revolution sort of like a new years Resolution but without the lifetime of guilt involved.

Start having a Revolution don't resolve to do it ... just do it ...

What are  my Revolutions ?

You will at this point think that I have gone absolutely crackers but my Revolution is to defeat the anarchy of cheese.

The other is on a more serious note is not to let on line trolls bother me you see if you leave a nasty comment on my blog I can see your ISP address ( and I can see exactly where in the country you are , your internet provider say for example Virgin Media,BT , talk Talk  and what device you are using such as perhaps an ipad, Mac ,PC etc  and  also what operating system you are using as well such as safari . I can not however see your actually address but I can see which town where you hide behind your computer ) and will report or block you as necessary and this may involve the police depending on the nature of the comment left.  Bullying is never acceptable in any shape or form.

Right back to mirth and merriment another Revolution may involve eating foods I never ever eat such as tomatoes, or beetroot this may involve kidnapping a well known chef ........ * I am not really going to        kidnap a chef, just leave a trail of breadcrumbs to tempt them back to my kitchen.

I'll knit a Revolution I started when I was 7 but quickly finished  as Teddy only needed a Tom Baker Doctor Who scarf.

I'll have a cake Revolution and join the Women's Institute again this comes back to when I was 7 and was taken to these meetings. I promise NOT to pose for any calendars although if the paper and Hollywood beckon this may indeed change.

I'll have a hot drink Revolution and actually finish a drink ..... where did I put my coffee ?


I'll start a smiling revolution .....

Pondering life ..

I'll start a thinking Revolution and ponder life, the universe more....

SO what's going to be your Revolution for the New Year ......


  1. The anarchy of cheese? Has to be one of the weirdest phrases I've heard in ages. ;-) brilliant.

  2. yes the cheese and crackers made me laugh as well. No online bullying is not acceptable. My eldest son currently has a online stalker.
    As always an interesting read Claire

  3. I love the cheese and smile one!! I don't have any resolutions or revolutions this year. I think I need to think of some!


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