Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Parents would you go back in time ?

Parents would you go back in time?

Writers block it had to happen its a post-apocalyptic nightmare  when only a jar of curry sauce is tempting you to review...

So I happened upon one of those sites that gives you a daily blog prompt hurrah, I thought until I saw the tittle and much mulling over ensued but then again that's the point sometimes. Yes sometimes some of the best blog posts can be written in five minutes and secretly all us bloggers are wannabe journalists whats the saying "That blog is just graffiti with bad punctuation" but please , please don't quote me on this.

The site I stumbled across while googling was "one minute writer" I twiddled my lady moustache with only my coffee and bits left over from me rebuilding my Dyson to keep me company and settled down to read todays prompt which was "Parents" but with a different slant on matters and it was

 "If you could somehow go back in time and meet your parents when they were the same age as you today , do you think you and your parents would be friends? Would you choose to 'hang out' and spent time together? What would you have in common? 

What's the catch you only have a minute to craft your responses:

So would I be friends with my parents at that age ... errrm probably not as to me at that time they were quite self obsessesed with their own needs.

Would I hang out with my parents my mother maybe as she has the ability like most parents to drag your places you never thought you would go hence I never ever got to go to a pop concert... ever.

What do we have in common with my dad I have no idea ..

My mother ... I suppose its the ability to just get up and go and drag my son places he thought he would never go like to real Egypt and not that sharmelsheik


  1. Interesting idea! Mine are nice, always have been, always will be, so suspect I would be friends with them for that reason. Also suspect I might find them slightly boring and unadventurous - and I'm pretty boring and unadventurous myself!

  2. the world was a different place 30 yrs a go, How on earth would most of you manage without a mobile/smart phone, on the move twitter and free wi-fi eveywhere?
    We came back from discos at 11pm - most of you are just going out then. TV finished with the national anthem at 10.30 pm (or was it 11?) no all night tv, no tv to babysit the kids, and 4 channels to choose from.
    Your parents were different people to you, but like all generations - a product of our times - we may have seemed boring but life was and we knew no different.

    1. That moment in time I wouldn't want to go back as my parents were always arguing as they were in the middle of a divorce.

  3. Actually I have thought of this many times, and I would have encouraged my Mum to believe in herself. I would have told her she is very talented and beautiful too. My Dad was considered the beauty of the family, and there were lots of jealous women at their work who kept telling my Mum that she wasn't pretty or clever enough to marry the most handsome bloke, and she had a really low self-opinion, and never thought she was pretty. But when I look at her photos taken in the 1960s and 70s, she was incredibly pretty.


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