Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Twenty pounds was given to the visitor and my grandad quickly left to go to the hospital where my Nan was . My Nan didn't want to see the visitor she was one of those types that once an injustice is done that is it. You play your cards , you make your choices..

Life can so cruel if only the visitor had gone to see my Nan that day the ripples of destruction may not have been so evident. When people tell you to tell you to hold your dearest and dearest to you I really think now it is not as I so often thought a cliche but a truth.

When one half of a waring faction doesn't want to reconcile it is so so very hand. People say things and do  that they shouldn't they are pushed into situations and cornered  but what ever the reason it really seems that there is no going back.

I think there is if you open your heart you can make cordial relations no  one is saying you have to be as you were but small steps and all that.

I have started on my road to reconcilation  with the visitor my mother ... its one half of a coin who knows if it will ever be complete but least I know in my heart of hearts that I tried and thats all that matters for my soul.

So if you can see if you can reconcile a situation as long as its not a heinous crime commited against you or your loved ones. You make get knocked back , you may and will get upset but at least you have tried and the ball is quite firmly in their court.

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