Friday, 4 January 2013

River deep Mountain high

They say when you are blogging stay close to you  niche and write what is true to your heart and I really hope that I do that and that comes across to you all. I never went the traditional route of many when it came to University and instead did a Heritage Conversation Course at Nottingham University.

You see fate was against me when it came to my early years of study with waring parents through my GCSE's years so really not the best of starts. I remember coming out the house one say because my  Mathematics equipment had been smashed on the floor by one waring parent or the other. I had to go round to a school friends house and beg to borrow their maths equipment I am not very good at Mathematics to begin with and it is indeed a chink in my armour.

Another time again before leaving for an exam my parents exploded again in meteoric fashion think Krakatoa and you are haf way there. It was before a History exam my favourite subject that I was passionate about, if I could have been Indiana Jones or that chappy seeking out the Mummy oh yes Howard Carter then I would have been.

My mind was shot to pieces as was the situation always when my parents kicked off and I went into that exam a wreck and when I came out and discussed the situation with my friends I discovered I has completely written in the wrong section. So I had to go to the doctors and get an exam off to the exam board detailing that I was suffering from stress. Luckily I did pass this GCSE with flying colours in the end but it was a worry.

So i had all in all four years of sheer ill when it came to my GCSE and A levels and as as results I imploded when my A levels approached and there was a custody battle the likes  I have never seen before it could have been made into a film like Notting hill with a stellar class

Oh dear readers it wasn't me it was over my black and white cat Boots that used to knock at the letter box to come in.

Then as the years galloped by with Father Time tapping his watch at me I took a course with Nottingham University in Heritage Conservation think Restoration Man and you half way there, though I fear you are now swooning as you think about the presenter... snap out of it...!

I passed that again with no problems but theres where my educational journey stalled and whilst I have a qualification that is the same as the best year of a degree I had a nagging feeling there was something missing.

So I have signed up with Open University to study an Early Years Foundation degree!

So whilst I had a rough start and it taken me forty years to get here and Father Time has now gone digital its never to late to follow your heart to achieve your dreams.


  1. what a lovely post! i hope things turn for my daughter soon and she gets the help she needs and her dad sorts himself out before he drags her down further.

    Nottinghm Uni!! we are certainly closer in distance than i first thought (its a small circle)

  2. good luck with your the course I am sure you will enjoy it and be fab at it. it really is never too late to follow your dreams x

  3. Congratulations! I did a few years of OU before I started university full time. It is hard work but very rewarding. There are quite a few studying bloggers! Good luck.

  4. Congratulations, I studied for BA(Hons) in Childhood and Youth Studies through the OU, I started the degree with two children and graduated with six! I loved the course and am applying to study to become an antenatal teacher in September, so back to studying too. Good Luck xxx

  5. Well done! It's huge taking that first step! I am currently studying towards a history degree with the OU... I do blog about it! :D

    Good luck and enjoy it!


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