Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Posessed Pets ...

Possessed pets ....

You may laugh buts its true I have had a long, long line of what I call possessed pets.

I had pets as a child but they weren't possessed they were normal , cute , well the cat was not so sure about the goldfish ... That had an evil glint in its eye I am sure.

And when I was all grown up , we had pets as a family we did all the right things and looked around at various reputable cat rescue places and there we spotted a black ball of fluff and furry and cute. A walking powder puff of a black cuteness purring , and kissing you pleading at you with those puppy dog .. Pussy cat eyes . Our suspicions should been raised when on collecting the fluffinator the rescue lady had to take the fluffy kitty into the back to out it into a carrier. Now I am pretty sure that a cat should not howl like something out of Hound of the Baskervilles.

Much more scuffling and howling was heard .. Now this wasn't a cat in distress, now the calls of distress came from the rescue lady pleading with the fluffinator to get into the carrier. After what seemed like an enternity the rescue lady returned somewhat flustered and her glasses askew .

" She's just a bit shy today ! We are sorry to see her go " ..

Fair enough we thought we all react to different situations in our own unique ways. So we took the fluffinator hope yet to name her properly after the fluffinator sounded so cold blooded killer. And no pet could be that soulless never... or so we thought..

We left the fluffinator go and then then all hell broke loose ... arched back hissing , it was climbing up the husbands leg trying to bring him down life an antelope..

We name the cat Mortica out of the Adams family ... it didn't stop long the rescue centre rehomed it and it went to live on a farm as a guard cat.


  1. Dear lord woman! Lol ;) they do say pets are a reflection of their owners... JOKE! Xx

  2. Sounds like the cute dog my nan and Gramps rehomed from battersea. He was insane! Gates up around the doors to protect us from the dog. Ate not chewed furniture, pinned people against walls for no reason. Gramps tried to tame him, but battersea took him back and was put down. Just too dangerous

  3. This made me laugh! It reminded me of my best friend and her new kitten, that she was rehoming from a friend of a friend. And I was watching the tale unfurl on Facebook statuses, and when I saw that the mutual friend typed 'We're still trying to catch it'... the warning bells went off in my head. It's a KITTEN. And you have to 'catch it'? And yes, of course, it was a feral nightmare :-)


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