Monday, 18 February 2013

Social media mugging

Sometimes I wonder as a blogger am doing what is good enough you see the bright lights big city and try your very very best. Yes I am blogging for me but you know I struggle yes thats's right I struggle , I struggle with it all . I am the nice one the "lovely' the " Hun" the 'flower" etc. To be fair I have made mistakes and have moved on, I couldn't even do a mental breakdown right.

Social media can be like a fog if I am honest sometimes because no matter how much you shout , no one and I mean absolutely no one can hear you. I suppose unless you are doing a vlog of course. It's fun to people watch but then again , social media can be like a dementot from" Harry Potter"

I don't mean watch people in a voyeuristic way but more like watching people from a Parisian cafe but without the fine food and wine , though I a likely to pick a tip up on the way .

Social media mugging can be quite, quite extreme with some from who those who debate on twitter and Facebook to the people who might put a sign around their child's neck branding them a liar.

I find that I can be treated with disdain and bullied on occasions it bothers me like it did at school where I was bullied most horrifically It's not quite like the time when I was at school and they sent a survey round to see who liked me. Or the time when at 9 I wanted to take my own life due to the bullying. To being kicked in when at Upper School and then I was the one that was blamed .

Then again this blog piece if , it was on else where tweaked to the dulcet tones then .... Who knows conjecture and hindsight are powerful things .

But with any good balanced article there has to be hope if I hadn't stumbled my way through and shaken off at times that feeling of social media  itis s, I wouldn't have met sincere truly, wonderful people . And in particular I wouldn't be half as adventurous with my lemon grass.

There is where I gratuitously insert a picture of a cat in a bag ...


  1. I can see what's going to come next..... you're going to accuse me of mugging you with a stalk og lemon grass. Well just watch out, I have other weapons up my sleeve. Sweet chilli sauce, star anise and the ultimate deadly weapon..... THE DURIAN.

  2. It is a funny place the world of social media but you are one of the nicest people I have 'met' on here and can't wait to meet you in real life. I have become very immune to the negative side I think, I just do my thing and move along. I think some people forget that once they tweet or whatever that is on the web for all to see

  3. I think social media is brilliant but there is that group that will wander around trolling and bullying and I tend to stay away from groups or forums that are meant to have a reputation for it. You're lovely!! I've never met you in real life but I think you're slightly eccentric too (in a nice way!).

  4. So sorry to hear you had to deal with such horrible bullying at school. Pleased to say I haven't felt bullied online, but have had feeling of being ignored. I think you just have to move on and enjoy the positives as you are doing. The blogging community is full of lovely people :)

  5. you were a forces child as well, bullying of us forces kids by none forces kids was always a big issue.
    I still lack in confidence when meeting new people cos as a forces child nobody wants to know you or talk to you so it is hard to get over the hurdle that as an adult people might actually want to know you.
    You come across as a lovely person, a fab mum and somebody who enjoys their job of making a difference with other peoples children. Im sure you have been special in many childrens lives.
    You have a huge blog following with a great google page rank cos you and your blog are fab.

  6. Sorry to read about the bullying as a child. The long term effects are often under-estimated. Ignore bullying on the internet - it doesn't actually mean anything, just that someone was bored and had nothing better to do. That is their loss.

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler

  7. Big hugs! I totally hear you! Without Social Media though, I wouldn't have met some lovely people who I consider very dear friends. Are you going to be at BritMums?

  8. You are amazing. I am so glad i met you! So sorry you were put through that. Keep doing what you do xx


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